Latest startup investments, acquisitions, initiatives & news about Walmart in India

Walmart Has No Objection In Bringing New Financial Investors In Flipkart

Walmart Has No Objection In Bringing New Financial Investors In Flipk...

Flipkart may get a new financial investor as hinted by the top…
Income Tax Department Begins Flipkart-Walmart Deal Audit

Income Tax Department Starts Flipkart-Walmart Deal Audit

The Income Tax (I-T) department has started examining one of the biggest acquisition…
Walmart Is No Longer Interested In Food Retail In India

Walmart Is No Longer Interested In Food Retail In India

While Flipkart is said to be launching its grocery business in July,…
Ecommerce Major Flipkart Ready To Disrupt Grocery Market

With Walmart Support, Flipkart Ready To Disrupt The Online Grocery Mar...

Even as Walmart is looking into its legal obligations after its deal…

Why India’s Investors Need To Get Over Their Inferiority Complex

Walmart’s acquisition of Flipkart has created shockwaves in India, with the realization…
Why Flipkart-Walmart and Tata Steel- Bhusan Steel deal will put India on the path of 10%+ GDP growth

Why Flipkart-Walmart and Tata-Bhusan deal will put India on path of ov...

There have been numerous presentations, articles, columns since…
Sachin Bansal, Co-founder Flipkart

Decoding the Tax Implications of the Flipkart-Walmart Deal

On Wednesday (May 9), taking advantage of the…
Walmart Likely To Occupy 40% Of Flipkart 10 Member Board

Walmart Says India To Become Key Centre For Learning After Flipkart Ac...

Walmart announced its acquisition of Flipkart Group (“Flipkart”)…

Flipkart-Walmart: Taxman Seeks Details Of The Deal

As the world awaits the official announcement of…

Walmart Offers 73% Buyout; While Sachin Bansal May Exit, Kalyan Likely...

As Amazon-Flipkart deal appears to have taken the…

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