Rohit Tirkey
Rohit Tirkey Rohit Tirkey, Co-founder at DoSelect. He spends 70% of the time working on business development and making customers happy, and rest cooking some uninvented cuisines. He loves film-making, photography and drumming. When not busy with work, he can be found designing something and moving around the office. Unclean workplace is a big turn-off for him.
  • What Every Developer Should Learn From Designers I recently completed MOOC, the end project was a peer one. During which I got a chance to review programs written by my peers who were taking the same course. I went through about eight of them and then gave up. Most of them were quite “clever” to wrap my head around. I wanted to reach […] 2 min read December 10, 2016
  • 4 Key Things You Can Do With Your Open API To Engage Users APIs are connecting the world of applications. Period. Companies are slowly moving towards effectively building their applications with a host of connected APIs. For instance, building your own transactional email service could cost you money and time at the same time but if you’re smart enough to utilise Amazon SES – Tada! If you have […] 3 min read October 7, 2016
  • Hiring Managers, Here Is How Developers Want To Be Hired Hiring people with an extraordinary skill set and charisma sounds like an ideal deal for every company. Most companies have figured out various ways to assess candidates based on CVs, tests, and online assessments. While these methods reduce the hassle for the hiring managers, there are some mistakes they make in hiring a software engineer. […] 3 min read September 29, 2016
  • How Can A Non-Techie Hire UI Developers Everyone in the industry doesn’t code. If you have ever worked in a technology company and had a taste of interviewing engineers, you know what you see on their resume is not what you get (WYSRIWYG). And when you are a non-developer and have a responsibility to hire a UI developer, things get worse. This […] 2 min read September 22, 2016
  • Startup’s Guide To Effective Tech Recruiting Doesn’t matter if you’re a product company or not, you will need technical people in your team who can drive technology to run your company. Since technology is growing at an unstoppable pace, every organisation wants to be faster and efficient in market. Coming to the point: What can you do to make your tech recruiting […] 2 min read July 25, 2016
  • How To Build Marketing Strategies For Recruiting At Startups We all agree to the fact that candidates are now in the driver’s seat, changing the process of job seeking and recruitment forever. We are way past the days where recruiters and candidates met at the job interview and the process as a whole began with the submission of resume. The strategy that involved going […] 2 min read June 22, 2016
  • How To Make The Right Hiring Decisions We are way past the time when a resume was one and only source to justify candidates skills. Today, tables have turned and recruiters no longer rely on resumes to verify skills. Just an interview alone can be misleading as few are masters in the art of convincing and getting past an interview is never […] 3 min read May 26, 2016
  • Dear Startups, Please Ditch The Whiteboard Recruiting Strategy Let’s face it! If ever there is something more terrifying than writing test cases for a developer, then it is the traditional whiteboard technical interview. In this competitive world, to beat the odds of competition and hire top talent, companies look to differentiate themselves from the competitors. But often everyone ends up doing the same […] 3 min read May 18, 2016
  • 7 Better Ways to Source Tech Talent You must have heard a lot about the disruption in technical hiring. As the world economy has grown hence making a steep increase in employment opportunities, a recruiter’s role has become far more than just recruiting. Effective hiring is not just a need anymore, but an obligation. The whole process of recruiting is evolving day by day […] 4 min read May 9, 2016
  • How To Hire Right In The Mobile First World “The common mistake is to see mobile recruitment as a one-time investment. Our biggest success is the fact that we made mobile recruitment part of our organic growth.” – Vildan Stidham of Abbott. To enrich the candidate experience, the mobile friendly website is a must. About 28% of job seekers including 53% of 18-29-year-olds have […] 3 min read May 7, 2016
  • 4 Signs You Should Invest In Hiring The Top Technical Talent Top IT brains around the globe are shaping the way we live our lives. Irrespective of the domain of your company, a sound IT arm is a prerequisite for proper operations, expansion and much more. While the IT companies need no convincing about the necessity of investing in top technical talents (since that is what […] 3 min read May 2, 2016
  • 5 Must Have Recruiting Strategies For Campus Hiring The competition to hire the top talents has never been this intense. The new level this has hit in the past few years has been overwhelming. Every company, be it a startup or fortune 500 believe in hiring the top talents and not to compromise on the skill set. Long gone are the days of […] 3 min read April 20, 2016

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