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7 Better Ways to Source Tech Talent

7 Better Ways to Source Tech Talent

You must have heard a lot about the disruption in technical hiring. As the world economy has grown hence making a steep increase in employment opportunities, a recruiter’s role has become far more than just recruiting. Effective hiring is not just a need anymore, but an obligation. The whole process of recruiting is evolving day by day in this digital world.

21st-century recruiting process involves 3 crucial steps:


Shortlisting of candidates based on their resumes has been replaced by online technical recruiting solutions.

They come in pretty handy when it comes to filtering out the huge pile of candidates.

At the top of the recruiting funnel lies sourcing. And this is where the problem

Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity – H. Jackson Brown Jr

With the advent in startups and the competition among the established brands to hire top technical talents has made hiring exigent starting right at the top of the hiring funnel.

The dominance of the need in technical talents is pushing the recruiters to go against all odds and look for platforms that are often overlooked to source candidates.


Referral is one of the best ways to source technical talent.

Why? It gives your employees a chance to step into the shoes of a recruiter by referring their friends, family, ex-co-workers etc. and get rewarded. It makes your hiring much cheaper, faster and relevant

InMobi is one of the companies who has mastered the art of referrals by stopping cash rewards as referral bonuses. And yes they do it in style.

Image Credit: InMobi
Image Credit: InMobi


If you are a tech savvy hiring manager then you cannot resist yourself from using Github to source talents.

Why? Who doesn’t love a platform that appreciates your contribution to programming? Github allows the techies to share their open source projects. It can be little tricky for any recruiter to judge a candidate by looking at his github-profile. DoSelect developer profile makes it simpler for recruiters to understand Github data of any candidate. You can check their proficiency as well as the activity on Github

Image Credit:
Image Credit:


Quora is a discussion platform where you can search for a keyword that interests you and lets you explore related questions and answers.

Why? Developers on Quora are interested in sharing their knowledge and experiences. The voting system will allow you to identify the popularity of a candidate on Quora. Recently, Quora has added a much-awaited feature – profile search which helps you to find out any information about people on Quora.


StackOverflow is another Q&A site unlike Quora it’s only meant for developers. As of July 2015,

StackOverflow has 4,000,000 registered users and almost 10,000,000 questions.

Why? For the users on SO, there is a motivation driving factor called “badges” with names like peer pressure and critic. They get an opportunity to answer questions along with an option to list the tags of their skills in their profile. Recruiters can search based on specific skills and project types.


Tech meetup groups are local communities that allow techies with identical interests, skill sets, and passion to connect offline as well in-person to discuss and share about technologies. The talent that comes here doesn’t really look for a job, so you need to be extra careful while approaching them. is a good place to check about the gatherings happening in your city. is a unique tool that can help you to identify the best technical talent through it’s indexed database of millions of engineers.

Why? This tool makes the process of sourcing simple by giving you an option to browse and filter candidates using data. They focus on social recruiting so your team can use its existing network to find engineers. In their experience, the best candidates often come through referrals. surfaces all of the people connected to your team on networks like GitHub and Twitter.

Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Social recruiting is one of the hottest term you will hear from any recruiter. With growing networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, you can learn about a candidate well before you approach them. Through inexpensive and exceptionally targeted ads you can reach out to millions of targeted profiles.

This is not a definite list, but few best ways for sourcing tech talent. If you know more ways to source techies that is missing in the list –  let us know.

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