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Must Reads Of The Week: 10 Articles You Shouldn’t Miss Out On [9 – 14 March]

Must Reads Of The Week: 10 Articles You Shouldn’t Miss Out On [9 – 14 March]

Bringing the best articles for our readers, Inc42 Must Reads is back again. Carefully handpicked from the vast number of resources available, both on our website and otherwise on the internet, these articles are actually something you should not miss out on.

So, read on and find out the articles you must read.

Entrepreneur’s Compass: Where Do You Get Your Direction From?

“The opportunities are endless. You only need to find the best for you.”
But, making the search for the best of them is the most exhaustive and decides where does your path lead you to. Some people depend on customer feedback, some on the mentorship and some even on their gut instinct.

Find your direction and the killer combination that is sure to work for you.

Inspiring Stories Of Indian Women Entrepreneur: How They Stood Against The Society & Worked Against The Odds

The potential possessed by women can be underestimated not just by a few, but by many. But, women have proven them all wrong. From being the cofounder of coupon websites, to the country’s most read bollywood gossip blogger, and from creating digital lifestyle magazines to being social entrepreneurs, women are everywhere.

Read the stories of women entrepreneurs who wanted to put a ding into the world, and they did.

Buffer Domain Bought At $ 600,000 And I Know The Reasons!

Buffer recently bought the buffer web domain by paying a staggering $600k (Yes, you read it right). Too much for just an online address? Really? Was that too much? Surprisingly not!!

Calculations show that the deal was worth, even to the last penny.

Delve deeper into the data crunching and calculations, read more here

Learn How To Pitch To VCs In Just 3 Easy Steps

As easy as it might sound, pitching can scare the hell out of even the best of entrepreneurs. But unfortunately, there is hardly any other way around. If you need the cash, if you need to sell your product, you need to work hard on your product and even harder on your pitches. It is not rocket science, its just the plain old selling.

So, learn here about the 3 easy tricks to pitching

From India To US, 5 Things I Learnt From AngelPad Journey

“Call me when you get up.”
How do you react to such an email? Surprised? Shocked? Excited? Scared?
Well, this was the email that marked the beginning of Karan’s ( CEO, Mammoth) AngelPad journey. Karan gives an insight into his journey and the lessons he learnt at AngelPad, the highly selective program.

Read more here

From around the web

What the Seed Funding Boom Means for Raising a Series A

The seed funding industry is clearly witnessing quite a boom. The funding formalities that earlier took weeks and months are now being finished off in days.

But, how much has the seed funding changed in all these years? What is there in this boom for upcoming entrepreneurs in it? How much is the situation likely to improve in the upcoming time?

Read more about the seed funding industry.

What You Think You Know About the Web Is Wrong

In a world that is moving towards digitising faster than ever, the internet has been rendered as a lab for experiments and the users as the lab rats. Driven by the sole purpose of advertising, marketing persons have been using all the ways to drive users to their websites. Whatever they might believe in , but, that simply is not enough.

A lot of myth busting is needed. Read more here.

12 Years Later — What I’ve learned about being a software engineer

Huge, complex digital systems worth huge sums of money have been discarded as big balls of mud. Softwares build by large teams of developers, even after going through multiple checks have failed many a times. When you have spent a time long enough in the software industry, nothing seems impossible, neither solving the biggest code problems, nor being betrayed by your trustworthy code at the end moment.

Read more as the author shares his 12 years worth of experience with others marching into the same profession.

The Joyless World of Data-Driven Startups

Every single person advises the new startups in town to use data for big decisions. But, is it really that dependable? Can just a few numbers really change the way a startup thinks and acts?

Follow the author as he takes you in the world of data driven startups and discusses the influence and the market for data based decisions.

A Self-Driving Car Might Decide You Should Die

If the new technologies that Google and Uber are pushing for are to become a reality, we are not far away from a time when we begin to see roads fulls of cars sans drivers. But, how will these cars make decisions ? How would they react if in a situation where they have to judge and opt for minimalistic damage? How are they coded to deal with difficult situations that might be appalling, even for human beings?

Read about the challenges that must be overcome to successfully bring selfdrive cars to the use