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Must Reads Of The Week: 5 Articles You Shouldn’t Miss Out On [06 July – 12 July]

Must Reads Of The Week: 5 Articles You Shouldn’t Miss Out On [06 July – 12 July]

We bring to you this week’s edition of must reads, articles you should not miss out on.

Economics Of Inflight Wi-Fi: Why There Is A Discrepancy Between Price And Service Provided

Inflight Wi-fi is yet to be a reality in Indian aircrafts because even if it does it will crappier than the service provided on ground. Here’s a reason why service could not be more austere and the economics behind it. An aircraft usually gets its reception either from satellites orbiting in the space or from cell towers on the ground. In former case they should get breathtaking speeds? Wrong. Imagine having a bandwidth of 100mbps and sharing it between 200 passengers and along with other airlines having same provider. While the business model determines price, speed are determined by number of users and network in the aircraft. Everybody wants to work above the clouds but nobody wants to cough up money.

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The Ugly Truth About Apple, Google, Spotify and the Rest Of The Music Streaming Universe

Musicians are the ones who are flummoxed by the state of music industry nowadays, With no consultation, they are being led down the path of the streaming music construct controlled largely by tech companies. But for Apple, Google, Spotify and all the rest, the impact of streaming on musicians and independent labels was always irrelevant. While these companies intimate that economies of scale may one day benefit participants, the truth stands in dark contrast. Musicians have been misinformed about the outcome of these services. Time and time again, they’ve heard that streaming companies will someday raise their streaming fees. The actuality is that as the services scale, the streaming royalties actually shrink. Only ad and subscription revenue grow for the services, not royalty payouts.

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17 Things Founders Say To Investors That Are Complete BS

Founders need investors to keep their passion going and their venture sustain. But there are some sheer asinine things that founders say to investors which carry no weight. For instance, “ My cofounder turned down a job at Google to focus on our company.” Whereas it translates to, “he applied for an internship a while back and it fell through.” Decoding a founder’s comment about how their competition is too big and slow to come after us; it means that their market size isn’t significant enough for them to care.

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How To Launch A Product On A ShoeString Budget

Launching a product is not a child’s decision to take, the timeline of the product launch dreads even the versatile product managers. So here we tell you how to launch a product and cutting some slack on your budget at the same time. First, getting a beta list of around 500 users who are eager to try the product and early feedback is absolutely essential for a successful launch. Next comes User Feedback process for which the owner of the process needs to have his ears to the ground and should pounce on every opportunity to get feedback. A sound marketing plan and a media reach goes a long way when the final product’s launch is nigh.

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How N-Commerce Companies Are Giving A New Lease Of Life To Neighbourhood Markets

N-commerce stands for neighbourhood commerce which involves shopping on a market in vicinity  via a handheld device connected to internet. If one was living under the rock, he/she wouldn’t have noticed how ecommerce players and malls have completely debilitated the local Kirana stores. However, things have taken a U-turn as various hyperlocal stores have emerged because of fast delivery of N-commerce and ease to access. Now retail industry players partner with these kirana stores giving them a lease of life.

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