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Must Reads Of The Week: 6 Articles You Shouldn’t Miss Out On [19 July – 24 July]

Must Reads Of The Week: 6 Articles You Shouldn’t Miss Out On [19 July – 24 July]

We bring to you this week’s edition of must reads, articles you should not miss out on.

Google Has Patented A Human Memory Device

Google started as a search company but now it has expanded horizontally and vertically as well, making it stronger than any tech conglomerate in the world. Started from computers, the company is now a part of our everyday lives with its Android platform. Google has now come up with a hypothetical memory storing product which is a wearable camera that users can take on and off at will and requires an external screen to view content. Prior to this, the company announced its interest in making couch cushions that can remotely control cellphones and light switches, adding to the company’s already long list of quirk experiments.

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Here’s Obama’s Plan For A Free and Open Internet

While the war is waging in the country for an open internet and net neutrality, the USA’s president has come up with his  plan for a free and open internet. Acknowledging how open internet is essential to the American economy and by lowering the cost of launching a new idea and bringing communities together will be one of the most significant democratizing influences the world will ever know. His plan includes no blocking, no throttling with increased transparency and no paid prioritization.

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Silicon Valley is About Business, Not Change

Silicon valley known as heaven for every technology enthusiasts has come up to an all time low when it comes to technological innovation it has witnessed in the past years. The innovation has stagnated and the company which are a success are not actually technological innovations but business ones. While technology has provided underlying infrastructure to spark and support new peer-to-peer network behavior, it hasn’t really changed anything about how those networks are built and owned. Now, building a new platform is done with a goal of making more money, not spurring equitable innovation.

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How Asset Light Business Models Mean Increase In Scalability For Startups

Every business needs to grow in order to be successful and therefore in requirement of coming up with a scalable business model in order to ensure  long term sustainability in the market. Mostly startups which come up today are tech startups and for a tech startup following a capital intensive technique can be a big NO whereas going light in terms of asset has the potential for scalability. Moreover, an asset light company has the flexibility to expand its reach to a new location and thus expand its capacity and reach to achieve scalability.

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Planning To Startup? Here’s  Itinerary For Your T.R.I.P

When it comes to adding zing to a workday, startups are as interesting as it gets because in a startup no day is same like another. But there are people who get the heck of donkey work in at the advent of their startup. Before moving on, here are things which constitute a startup T.R.I.P.

These alphabets stand for Team, Revenue Model, Investors and Patience. Having an all time available team makes or breaks a startup and the revenue model ensures that the money keeps flowing in. Apart from these Investors are like fuel for your running startup because without them you just can’t go ahead.

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How To Build A Startup Team- Lessons From Team StayUncle

An avid traveller who wanted to change the fact that others like him who travelled often had to pay for hotel for 24 hours even for having to stay for few hours led to the startup StayUncle. The guy relinquished all his corporate amenities and wanted to make a difference, who then approached his parents to use the marriage fund as the company’s first investment. A startup team must have a maine risk taker who will hold the torch no matter what. Not only this, talking over everything leaves no room for miscommunication of ideas and opinions.

Read here for the full story.


Mohit Asija

Inc42 Staff

Undergraduate at Ramjas College. Fitness enthusiast, Tech aficionado and a zealous writer.

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