Yash Mehta


Business innovation and entreprenuership ideas has held its allure since my early High school. I have been associated with leading industry blogs like KDnuggets which has an specialization in Big Data Science and awarded as the most trusted member of the largest IoT council across the globe. An article was published in the featured category of IEEE Journal in my name....

I have thoroughly researched and worked on the aforementioned arenas and that makes my roots in ‘ IoT and Big Data Science' fields stronger. I believe a good researcher can consolidate work in good writing and a good writer is always a good thinker. Over the years I have acquired interest in the start up world. I have researched upon various Business ideologies and methodologies which has enhanced my expertise and credibility in this arena. I have a number of widely acknowledged articles on Data science, IoT, Business innovation Marketing tools, Entrepreneurship skills, strategies and development.

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