Internet of Things Trends To Watch Out For – Connected Revolution

Internet of Things Trends To Watch Out For – Connected Revolution

This integration of the physical world with technology, more appropriately computer- based programming, has paved the way for the Internet of Things technology to bloom like a connecting source between the physical world we all live in as well as the technological world. Interestingly, this huge network that the Internet of Things (IoT) technology has built over the last two-three years will get spilled over into 2017, which means that we are yet to witness some of the greatest impacts of the Internet of Things technology during the upcoming year.

With technology finding its place in our homes and workplaces by making remote access and networking possible across all living as well as non-living entities, we are certainly living in the most technologically advanced times ever!

The last year saw many break-through revolutions taking place in the world around us and needless to say, IoT had a very pompous role to play in it. Now, with the advent of each New Year, we look forward to new reforms taking place around us and looking at its past records, we are pretty enthusiastic about the tech revolution that Internet of Things and connected gadgets has planned out for the entire world. So, why exactly should we consider this year to be a boon for this much- hyped IoT revolution or connected revolution?

Ever since its inception, IoT has been a neologism in all ways and the fact that, literally, nothing has been able to curb its popularity is yet another factor for all of us to believe in its capabilities this year as well. With the introduction of smart WiFi, connected sensor devices, wireless communications, newer design and virtual reality, it can be stated that their will be a huge change in the smartphone trends this year. Let’s find out what else Internet of Things technology has planned for us this year:-

Hot Internet of Things Trends in 2017 | Prediction

IoT And Wearables

One of the most sought after examples of Internet of Things is the wearable gadgets which have already started to thrive the market at large. Wearable gadgets are the latest technological wonder to hit the market and by far, the buzz created by Apple Watch is the best example of how anticipated the human race is regarding the idea of technology that we will be able to wear around. Apart from the Apple Watch, there are several wearable gadgets which are undoubtedly the products of Internet of Things technology.

Some of these can be the Video Glass, Smart Watches as well as Bracelets capable of managing our health, etc.

IoT And Smart Music

Now, this has to be the most harmonious factor about what will make the Internet of Things technology stand out this year! We have been able to groove to our favorite music from your smartphone anywhere and everywhere, but how about also being able to feel the music? Connectivity is the gift IoT has given mankind and with the help of this connectivity, now you can listen to any kind of music from jazz to heavy metal, electro to indie and so on. Introducing to you Prizm! Prizm is a connected music application for Android which is capable of choosing the right music to be played at the perfect moment.

Prizm remembers the things you say, your habits, the kind of music you usually listen to, and also the people you meet! Not only this, it also recognizes individuals in a room and the vibes around to be able to adapt to the perfect music situation at any given time.

IoT And Online Shopping

Predictive technology is an uncompromised part of the IoT technology and it can be used for building smart warehouses, which in turn can result in a more satisfying and fruitful online shopping experience. Using virtual reality in online shopping, shoppers will be able to get exactly what they want to buy without having to wait for the commodity to be in stock or scrolling through hundreds of products. Also, the e-commerce websites will be able to track customer preferences and behaviors, hence resulting in improved business opportunities.

IoT And Progressive Business Models

Since much of the world is already well acquainted with the concept of connected technology and wireless communication, thanks to IoT, this year is going to be pretty motivating for people who are looking forward to investing in or even starting their own smart and innovative business solution. With the vertical markets, horizontal markets as well as the consumer markets coming together inside a single Internet of Things loop, there is going to be a shared environment being created for the consumers to reap in optimum benefits as well as for the producers to make favorable profits at the same time.

IoT And Fashion

The clothes inspired by the IoT technology is a living proof of the booming fabric industry which has grown many folds during the last decade. Textile specialists in association with top IoT companies have been manufacturing interactive as well as environment- friendly fibers and fabrics which are laid with conductive and communicating threads. These threads work as an interactive entity between an individual’s body as well as the clothes.

For this purpose, there are GPS system makers, electronic circuits, and other chip makers who are bringing more compact, water- resistant as well as flexible devices which can be easily embedded into garments and footwear without causing any danger or inconvenience to the individual.

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Internet of Things Trends To Watch Out For – Connected  Revolution-Inc42 Media
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Internet of Things Trends To Watch Out For – Connected  Revolution-Inc42 Media
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Internet of Things Trends To Watch Out For – Connected  Revolution-Inc42 Media
Internet of Things Trends To Watch Out For – Connected  Revolution-Inc42 Media
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