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Wunderkit – Task Management Goes Social

Wunderkit – Task Management Goes Social

What is Wunder kit?

Wunderkit is the task management tool from WunderKinder, the makers of the Wunderlist. Cloud-based and social, winderkit is the next generation to do list.

Another To do list, you say? What makes it different? Read on.

Why does it rock?

Wunderkit adds a whole new social layer to task management.

Wunderkit is centered around projects(called workspaces). Each workspace comes with ‘Apps’ which are the main features of WunderKit.

[tabgroup][tab title=”Dashboard”]



This is center point of your project. Here is where you see all the latest updates from your project.

These updates include tasks you’ve completed, notes you’ve created and comments you’ve received.

You can use the status bar to give updates about the project. The best part is that these updates can be both private and public as you choose, seamlessly managing information sharing.

[/tab][tab title=”Notes and Tasks”]

Notes & Tasks

These are the other are two default apps that are currently available.

As you can see below, Notes in Wunderkit are easy to create and can be tagged so that you can get greater context.

wunderkit notes

Tasks too are easy to create and come with all the standard features of dates, recurring tasks and tags.

Another cool (and so very social) feature with Wunderkit is assignment. You can assign any task you’ve created to any person you like! Thus making Wunderlist a tool for project management.

Another unique feature in Wunderkit is the quick bar at bottom left. It has 3 simple buttons the first shows you your current and overdue tasks, the second allows you to quickly add tasks and the third shows recent events.


[/tab][tab title=”Other Goodies”]

Other Goodies

Wunderkit allows you the ability to work offline even without an internet connection and syncs whenever a connection is available.

Last but definitely not the least, Wunderkit comes with a super rich and modern app-like interface which doesn’t break when switching between desktop and mobile.




The rich interface that makes Wunderkit so easy to use is also what slows it down quite a bit.

The iPhone app comes with push notifications but there’s no support for Android yet (Bummer for a lot of people).

Search is very slow and a bit pointless as it returns results of public workspaces. Instead, the ability to search your notes, tags or tasks would make much more sense. Wunderkit falls far behind here.

Another missing feature is reminders. While Wunderkit does allow you to receive notifications for project updates, there is no such ability for tasks.


A slick interface and the ability to socially create and manage tasks. Wunderkit is definitely something you should try out.

Still missing a few key features like search or reminders, it definitely has a few rough edges but is fine for most purposes.

Not the app to use if you’re looking for something really simple. Also, the Wunderkit  guys see this as a platform, so it has potential to become a really cool app and definitely something I would check out again.