Do Not Quit, Just Keep Going!

Trudging down the path of creating your own venture and heading it is no cakewalk. As promising as it seems to be your own boss and not work at the whims of someone else, one needs to slog himself day in and day out to get there. More so, let’s not mellow down the risk factor here. Not all those who dream of creating their own ‘successful’ business are able to do so. And even after encountering this hurdle, one needs to consistently keep up the performance of the company going according to the rising competition.

The bottom-line is: in the whole journey of creating your business venture, there’s one thing that holds the key to its success- perseverance. Entrepreneurship, with all its challenges and risks is a path best taken with some powerful armours: skills, hard work and most importantly perseverance.

Tenacity is the key, agree many. Entrepreneurs should have the natural instinct to keep going and never utter the two recoiling words- ‘I QUIT’. That is definitely Not the attitude of a successful entrepreneur. Come what may in the path of your success, you must go on, without ever looking back. The power to put behind all that didn’t go right and move ahead with zealousness is what would bring you to the forefront.

There are scores of such entrepreneurs all over the world, who were struggling yesterday to make ends meet but today, they rule the market. And where they stand today clearly defines their never-say-die attitude. One such example of an entrepreneur who started young is SanjeevBhikchandani, founder of An IIM-A graduate, he always knew he wanted to head his own venture, despite having no business background.


The following lines from Stay hungry, Stay foolish by Rashmi Bansal clearly states the entrepreneurial streak in him:

  • The guy started early and simply never ran out of juice.
  • Not when he couldn’t pay himself a salary for six years.
  • Not when he had to take up a second job to support the family.
  • Not when he got funded but the whole dotcom dream went bust.

Having gone through a lot of highs and lows, especially in the initial 10 years of his venture, Sanjeev believes that one should never quit. According to him, one who quits, is a failed entrepreneur. Otherwise, he’s just not successful, yet.

Business is all about that passion for winning and making it happen. It’s about mornings when you wake up in your dingy flat with no clue about what to do next as well as about mornings when you wake up in your king size bed in your luxurious bungalow. It’s about uncertainty, it’s about risks! But more than that, it’s about an indomitable spirit of keeping the struggle on till you reach the pinnacle of success. It about perseverance.

Note: The views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views held by Inc42, its creators or employees. Inc42 is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by guest bloggers.

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Do Not Quit, Just Keep Going!-Inc42 Media
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Do Not Quit, Just Keep Going!-Inc42 Media
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Do Not Quit, Just Keep Going!-Inc42 Media
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Do Not Quit, Just Keep Going!-Inc42 Media
Do Not Quit, Just Keep Going!-Inc42 Media
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