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Must Reads Of The Week: 5 Articles You Shouldn’t Miss Out On [20 April – 25 April]

Must Reads Of The Week: 5 Articles You Shouldn’t Miss Out On [20 April – 25 April]

We are back with this week’s must reads edition, checkout some of the awesome articles that you shouldn’t miss out on from Inc42 and around the web.

The rise of the new angel investors in Bangalore

The number of angel investors in India, has risen from about 300 to over 1000. Over 30% of these are active in any given year (meaning that they have made at least 1 investment in the calendar year in a startup). Most of these investors are “off the radar” and tend to only invest in early stage entrepreneurs they know and trust. They also create a forcing function for investors who used to take their time to invest and string entrepreneurs along to move quicker.

Where did all these investors come from? Read complete article to know more.

Facebook’s secret plan to kill Google — and become the second trillion-dollar company in the process

Facebook is becoming the default web for a lot of people, particularly among the millennials, as The Independent pointed out here,  and it is ultimately positioning itself as the social identification layer of the internet, has a thriving ecosystem, and seems to have a pretty clear roadmap for the next 5–10 years based on the last F8 keynote. Truth is that Facebook owns social+pull related activities (discovery, video, events, games) while Google owns business+push related activities (search, calendar, email, drive). What to make out of this analysis is up to you — but it’s going to be lots of fun to watch this play out.

This analysis article is based on the public information that has been disclosed in the past few weeks paired with public insights from thought leaders.

Read the complete article here.

The next tech bubble is about to burst

My timer for the bursting of this tech bubble currently stands at nine months. That’s when investors and venture capital markets will stop throwing around billions in Monopoly money, companies without any profits will lose their suspiciously optimistic valuations, and startups will crater. Unicorns will die, skies will fall, and parents’ basements will be resettled. We saw this with tech in 2000, with banks in 2008, and according to my Magic 8-Ball, we’re going to see it again very soon. This article lists the various nervous predictions from the very big-name venture capitalists whose money is financing this current boom.

Read the complete article here.

10 Core Principles Of Product Development For Startups To Develop Product That Customers Adore

Product Development is an important aspect for a startup. How do a team of designers, engineers, product thinkers, and data scientists most efficiently make things that people absolutely adore? This article lists the  10 Core Principles Of Product Development, check it out here.

The Rise Of The On Demand Economy & Why It’s Here To Stay

What we are seeing today is a shift in consumer behaviour which, in turn, is driving the on-demand economy. Consumers want a quality product or service, conveniently, quickly and they hold companies to high standards to deliver this outcome. Consumer preferences have moved from desktop to mobile and impatience to hyper-impatience. The only reason why companies are able to keep up with these increasing demands is technology and connectivity that was previously never available.

What is On-Demand economy? What are the key driving factors?

Checkout the complete article here.