Vivek Srinivasan
Vivek Srinivasan Vivek Srinivasan is a Startup Mentor who works extensively with early stage startups.
  • Turning a Startup into an Organisation I have been working with startups for a fairly long time now. The fun part of working with startups is that there is absolutely no way to anticipate what would come next. You have to be fast and nimble, constantly adjusting to the changes that are happening around you. This is precisely what makes building […] 8 min read June 2, 2016
  • 10 Lessons For Startups Two weeks back we concluded the Startup Club Demo Day in Bangalore and we had a host of great speakers come in and grace the event. They shared some truly insightful thoughts with our members and the engagement was off the chart. I am sharing the insights that I was able to glean from one […] 5 min read February 2, 2016
  • Why Are All Food Delivery Startups So Troubled? Most delivery related startups in the food space have been having trouble over the past year and by the looks of it, we seem to be ushering in the new year with news of more firings. Why is it that all the guys in the food delivery business seem to be experiencing problems? The cause […] 4 min read January 20, 2016
  • Don’t Detest Failure, Embrace It Humans like to look at others and say whether someone is successful or not. As much as we enjoy talking about successes and failures we do not have the ability to accurately define success and failure. Honestly, it is hard to measure success and failure. What it means to be successful or not, is different […] 3 min read November 30, 2015
  • The Value of Thought Do you know why Achimedes came up with the ‘Archimedes Principle’ in his bathtub? Not because he experienced it. Its because that was the only place where he could think peacefully! My obsession with thinking began when I started writing blogs regularly. In order to write something, there is great deal of thinking that needs to […] 4 min read November 17, 2015
  • Building A Profitable Business Call me old fashioned, but the purpose of a business is to turn a profit. No matter what kind of company you build, or how much loss you pull over the course of the company’s growth, the company has to be able to generate a profit eventually, and that alone is the sign of true […] 10 min read November 2, 2015
  • Are You Recruiting Problem Solvers? Problems are a part and parcel of life. They pop up at strange times and strange place. They are usually very uncomfortable to deal with, and take up a lot of mind space. How quickly you are able to dispose off a problem, depends on… the problem. As a startup, you will have problems. Guaranteed. […] 3 min read October 9, 2015
  • Knowledge Kills Imagination While Ignorance Flames It I tend to put down the various thoughts I have in mind as notes to someday write a blog about it. Last week as I was going through the countless number of notes that I had, I found quite a few notes about Knowledge, Ignorance and Imagination. I decided to combine all of them and […] 6 min read September 29, 2015
  • Who Are You Going To Sell? Brain, Heart or Ego? There are many different terminologies that are often used when it comes to explaining sales. Most people who are engaged in sales, tend to talk about lead generation, customer engagement, conversion and so on. This is an extremely granular view of things. Sales is what happens when you know what to put in front of […] 5 min read September 22, 2015
  • Why Starting Up Is Like Cooking Starting a startup is like cooking a dish, whose recipe you do not know!! It takes great ingredients to make a great dish. In business, these ingredients come in the form of people, who make up the team. It is therefore impossible to over-emphasise the importance of having a good team in place. This is absolutely non-negotiable. […] 3 min read February 9, 2015

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