Aniruddha Malpani
Aniruddha Malpani Aniruddha is Director at Solidarity Investment Advisors
  • Startup Scams – And What To Do About Them The startup space has been attracting a lot of interest in India. There are lots of young entrepreneurs who feel they can start a new business which can change the world. This is all for the best because we need the spirit, creativity, and enthusiasm which young blood can bring to infuse fresh life so […] 3 min read April 28, 2017
  • Tough Times Ahead For Value Investors The Indian stock market seems to be on a roll for multiple reasons. We have a strong prime minister and a political party which has a stable majority , and seems to be capable of delivering the promises which it made during the elections. Governance seems to have improved, and the government is making all […] 5 min read April 25, 2017
  • When Founders And Funders Need To Understand Each Other Most first-time entrepreneurs are in love with their idea. They feel it’s completely cool and that it’s going to change the world. This is partly because all they do all day long is think about their idea and how they can implement it. They get completely obsessed about it and their world starts revolving around […] 5 min read April 23, 2017
  • Why Is It A Good Time To Be An Angel Investor In India I enjoy being an angel investor, and I believe this is the perfect time to be an angel in India. There seems to be a funding winter, and a lot of the institutional, seed-stage investor money which came from VCs has started to dry up, as evidenced by the Snapdeal and Stayzilla fiascos. VCs no longer seem […] 3 min read April 21, 2017
  • The Problem With Wealth Management Robo-advisors Robo-advisors (automated investment advisors) have become the flavour of the month in the financial services industry. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) have become buzz words in all industries. This is a sexy area, and the financial services industry wants to use these advances, which is why even mainstream players like […] 6 min read April 19, 2017
  • Why Mindfulness Is Important For Founders “One problem with being an entrepreneur is that it’s very easy to become distracted.” It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture because you have to take care of the 150 things which need to be done on a daily basis to keep your startup live and kicking. Because the buck stops with you, […] 1 min read April 17, 2017
  • The Lazy Wannabe Entrepreneur – And Why He Won’t Succeed “Founding a startup can be hard work, and the entrepreneur needs to slog a lot.” This is a 24/7 job, and the final result is always unknown and uncertain. This is why founders need passion and perseverance to be successful. What surprises me is how lazy lots of wannabe entrepreneurs are. I’m an angel, and […] 3 min read April 16, 2017
  • How To Shut Down A Startup There is a lot of excitement when you start up your startup and there are lots of books which will tell you how to go about this process. You will find lots of advisors, mentors and coaches, who will tell you how to incorporate your company, get funding, set up your office, hire a team, […] 12 min read April 14, 2017
  • How Activist Should Angel Investors Be I am the lead investor in a healthcare startup and I recently received a phone call from one of the other co-investors who is part of the network through which I invested. I happen to be the lead because I am a doctor, which presumably makes me the domain expert and because I invested the […] 6 min read April 12, 2017
  • How To Improve Startup Pitch Events As an active angel investor, I attend a lot of startup pitching events. These are organised by angel networks; incubators; and accelerators, and they allow a bunch of founders to present to a group of investors so that they can convince them to give them money. These events are useful, for both funders and founders. […] 5 min read April 10, 2017
  • Should Startups Spend On A PR Agency? Startups have a hard time selling their product because they are startups. They’re small, and no one has ever heard of them. They don’t have a brand and have to compete against established players. Most people aren’t willing to buy their products, because they’re not sure whether the start-up will still be around after a […] 3 min read April 9, 2017
  • The Role Of Active Angels In The Startup Space As an angel, one of the reasons you invest in a startup is because you share the founder’s passion. You can see that he has a vision which can improve the world and because you want to help him bring his dream to fruition, you are willing to put your money where your mouth is. The […] 3 min read April 7, 2017
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