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In today’s competitive world, qualifications without a personality don’t take you too far. Valonia, a start-up by a BITS Hyderabad student, is an initiative to make school and college education more holistic. A large base of students across the country means a variety of interests and Valonia aims to act exactly on that. Already operating for over a year, they have been appreciated significantly by every student attending their workshops.

valonia teamValonia conducts a variety of workshops and seminars, encompassing a wide range of co-curricula from finance to movie making to robotics. Through various workshops and tests, this initiative attempts at urging students to put their theoretical knowledge to practical use. Efforts are taken to evaluate every student and tell them the areas they would work best in.

Trying to impact the society, their program ‘Abhilasha’ tries to cater to government schools, to help them tap the potential in bright students, who miss out due to the lack of facilities and infrastructure.

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They have a very well made website, which clearly shows details of all the events that they are conducting. Using social media to their full advantage, they have already connected with thousands of students. Online features and guidance are under development and shall be launched by the end on June 2012.

This start-up is a student run organization, supplemented and guided by educationalists and notable entrepreneurs. The start-up won the Business Plan contest at CEL, BITS Hyderabad in 2011 and claimed the runners up position at an Intra-BITS B-Plan contest.

Indeed, Valonia has taken an innovative step and has already done some incredible things. An enthusiastic outlook on part of this start-up will definitely show on the overall development of various students across the country.

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