Tips To Grow Your Digital Audience: Email, Mobile And Social Audience

Tips To Grow Your Digital Audience: Email, Mobile And Social Audience

Ever wondered how few startups reach out to their target users and create a user base in just a blink of the eye. The key to getting such a great marketing strategy is not rocket science its just calculated and planned execution of the strategy.

ExactTarget recently delved into this issue in their Subscribers, Fans, and Followers research series. They looked at the question, “How are marketers growing their email, social, and mobile audiences?” ExactTarget surveyed approximately 400 people, a majority of them from B2B companies and gathered information regarding major usages and goals of each of these digital channels. 

After survey, ExcatTarget found that Email marketing is majorly targeted to sell products and add leads, Facebook & Twitter for driving brand awareness, whereas Mobile related services like SMS and Apps were majorly used to either sell products and to drive awareness about the brand.

Based on the survey, here is an infographic to give you a few tips on how you can manage as well grow your email, mobile and social audience.

How to Grow Your Email, Mobile, & Social Audiences [INFOGRAPHIC] - An Infographic from Pardot

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