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The 6-Pac ENTREPRENEUR (not the beer, the abs) The Four Hour Phenomenon – Part 4 of 5

The 6-Pac ENTREPRENEUR (not the beer, the abs) The Four Hour Phenomenon – Part 4 of 5

[Editor’s Note: This is Part 3 of The Four-Hour Phenomenon Series. If you missed the earlier parts, here’s Part 1Part 2 & Part 3.]

Everyone knows that entrepreneurs live a fast life. A life with no schedules, no time for attending to personal care, etc. But believe it or not, entrepreneurs are just as human as other people. So with that in mind, why wouldn’t any entrepreneur want to look and feel good? More importantly any person must stay healthy as he/she faces arduous tasks of running a company or managing a business. With that in mind, Tim Ferriss had come up with his second best-selling book – “The Four Hour Body”. Again, this is not limited to entrepreneurs but other specimens of the human race as well.

Let’s go head in to what this book deals with. Again, Amazon is a great source to buy this book. One thing that needs to be said and taken into consideration though, every person’s body has different needs and responds accordingly. So consult your physician and have a general check-up before trying out any method of training or diet not just from his book but for anything you follow. Because, you and your doctor know your body best and you must listen to what every inch of your body says!

Oh and did I forget to mention, it is all in your diet, sleep and a few minutes of exercise each day. It does not require you to run to the gym after a tiring day of work or after a night of staying up studying or working on a project. I will break down a few samples of each section he presents in the book as a summary/review. For more in depth details, the book is obviously the best resource. P.S. if you want to talk about this in detail with me, please do contact me and we can discuss the way you can get to being ripped and fit. It has worked for me as Tim scientifically has proven.

Reducing Fat: (1) Eating slow carbs, reducing white carbs to an extent (brown rice is a good substitute to white rice, starch filled dishes like potatoes (you know the thing in your fries) (2) Increase proteins (for vegans – pea protein, legumes, etc.) (3) Water is your friend, sugared pop fizz (Pepsi, 7up, etc.) are a no-no.

Adding Muscle: (1) Kettlebell workouts instead of normal dumbbell weights (2) Ab exercises – Myotatic crunch is your friend! (3) Occam protocols (for the science geeks).

Getting Sleep: (1) Half Military crawl is the best sleep position amongst others.

Right supplements: (1) Best supplement is the no artificial supplements. (2) Eating natural, bio-available forms of vitamins and macronutrients.

Reversing and preventing injuries: (1) Checking body balance (upper and lower body balance). (2) Vibrum shoes help blood circulation and posture which ultimately helps your overall health. Trust me, ergonomics is actually a big deal in the long run.

Jump Higher, Run Faster: (1) Mountain climbers, Fire Hydrants, hip flexors, Seal Jacks are great exercises (a quick google or youtube search will demo these perfectly).

Swim further, Breathe deeper: (1) David Blaine’s protocol (yes the super magician guy). (2) The TED speech by Tim in Part 1 of 5 of this series explains how he learned to swim at 31.

Live longer and healthier: (1) Stem cell treatment (2) Controlled bloodletting (3) Alzheimer prevention vaccination.

Most important of all, track your changes and improvements however small or insignificant because they are the markers to see how, where, when you can be more efficient and improve and reach your target with minimum difficulty. I did not have to strain or stop eating food. I did not have to pay a fortune for a yearly gym subscription. I did not have to work 8 hours a day working out. I did not take any harmful supplements. Listen to your body. Check out which of Tim’s methods works for you. Share your experiences, pass the knowledge and move forward Ferrissian. Next week holds the final part of this Four Hour Phenomenon series where we discuss how you can learn anything you want to learn in a very simple fashion. Till then, this is Aslam signing out. Peace!

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