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How Social Media Automation Can Boost A CXO’s Productivity

How Social Media Automation Can Boost A CXO’s Productivity

Every entrepreneur wants to make the most out of his or her day. Unfortunately, the path is not as simple as it appears in the beginning. A strong willpower, management skill, and not-to-give up attitude are needed at every step. Being among one of the CXOs position holds you responsible for all the up and down of a company. Hence, you can’t afford to compromise on the work efficiency.

It is not about getting everything done yourself, instead, success will come when you start utilising the right resources at the right time. In an effort to maximising productivity, we want to introduce you with social media automation. For the traditional social media marketer, it is a bit confusing on what to opt for. Most of them are stuck in the dilemma of selection.

The traditional one or social media automation?

Acknowledging the simple ways of including social media automation and how it can help you at a big evil can turn things simpler for you. So, let’s start with it:

Schedule Your Post To Save Time

Let’s admit it that none of us wants to sit in front of the computer for the entire day but we also wish to maintain our social media presence. It has been estimated that 64% of all marketers spend six hours a day on social media. To be successful on social media, you will have to spend that much time for sure and who has that much time? Perhaps none, this is where social media automation comes in.

To help the CXOs and the utterly busy individuals, social media automation provides the features like auto posting, scheduled posting, and engagement responses. You have two concrete reasons to opt for social media automation, first, it’s time and the second is timing.

Opting for automation lets you stick to your content calendar and brand identity without bringing any gap in time. Look at it, and you might assume it to be small, but being unstable with post timing does affect the conversion rate. When it comes to social media post timing and scheduling, there is no way traditional social media strategies can compete with automation.

For example, if you have 10 great posts that include four promotional contents and six informative articles. In one go you can schedule it all, it will hardly take a few minutes and you are done with a whole week.

Social Pilot is one such tool that will help you in managing several accounts in one go. If you have come across something exciting while browsing the mobile or laptop, post it on multiple platforms in one go. Social media professionals, marketing and media agencies as well as businesses and enterprises utilise this platform for staying updated with social platforms.

What you will get with SocialPilot?

  • More accounts and more posts! You can connect up to 200 social profiles and share as many as 500 posts in one go. All your posts and tweets can be shared without worrying about the limits.
  • Bulk scheduling feature enabled by SocialPilot allows you to opt for heavy bulk scheduling. Upload the posts in text or CSV format and SocialPilot will perform the heavy lifting task for you.
  • You are also given suggestion with some awesome content that can be posted on social media platforms. You can even add your favourite external feeds at one place.
  • The social media scheduling calendar offers weekly, monthly, and daily view of what’s going on. There is so much to explore with SocialPilot and handling social media looks simpler than ever.

Devolve Non-Core Activities

Apart from posting and publishing the content over social media, there are several other tasks too, that you need to carry out on time. There are apps and social media services with free as well as paid version and can be utilised to simplify the task.
Start by deciding which platform you want to monitor and how you want to monitor it. Social Mention is one such platform that simplifies the whole automation thing. Let’s show you how it works and what it seems like:

Have you used Google alerts? A mention is the most outstanding way to visualise your online presence; it lets you do only those things that you want in one go. The platform lets you visualise the real-time sources in more than 42 languages. It aggregates the content from all the platforms you are active on and analyses it all at one place.

The easiest way to start with social media automation is finding the right tools. You can start with HubSpot or Social Flow. Each of these tools has special and unique features, letting you do everything.

One of the most important things about these platforms is you can schedule your posts without any obstruction at all. These platforms even let you monitor the accounts if someone leaves a comment or mentions the brand.

If you are just starting out, one app will do the entire task.

Enable Quick Decision Making

When you have a clear strategy in mind, you are focussed and ready for a better plan. The six hours that you saved by ditching the traditional social media strategies can be utilised in other productive tasks. There is more time to brainstorm ideas and get creative. Take your time to decide where and when you want to upload your video and image content.

When you are working with systems like Agorapulse, you are likely to never miss a Tweet or message again. Along with categorising the audience manually, you will get comprehensive reports in PowerPoint format. This super fast and easy to use software will simply lend you enough of time for making better decisions.

Suppose you have posted one week’s content in one go, you have plenty of time to plan for the next week.

Instead of writing on the fly, try to leverage social media automation techniques and get more creative.

Avoiding Mistakes

Being a CXO, you cannot afford to make a mistake. The traditional method of marketing automation obviously holds several chances of mistakes.

As you do things manually, these chances skyrocket.

However, when you have everything well studied and planned in advance, there is hardly any chance of mistake. If you give even 5% of your total time saved in studying what you are doing, there is hardly any chance of making a mistake.

Every post is one such platform that lets you curate visual content from a variety of sources and when you curate content, it is supposed to win you a huge traffic. Extract content from various websites and you can customise and schedule your posts accordingly.

Share your multimedia content across platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, tumblr, Pinterest, and Google+.

Improve Productivity

Just one simple change and you have several more hours in a day.

Automation keeps you consistent and it is going to build a huge customer base in one go.

Most of the time when you start a business, you are more punctual, but with time the excitement fizzles off, letting social media platforms overlooked. With automation comes consistency and with increased consistency, there is a sudden rise in productivity.

We have several reasons why social media automation is necessary and among those effective scaling and audience engagement are two more important reasons. Perhaps this is what everyone works for. So, maintain your efficiency and spend your time in something better and effective.

As you have acknowledged the benefits of social media automation, you must start with it and here is how you can do it. We have given are a brief guide on how to proceed with social media automation.

91% of the users agree that marketing automation is a must for them and they have succeeded well with it. If you want to be among these statistics, at first hold a precise idea of what you want to automate. You don’t have to automate everything, so, let’s start with finding out what needs to be automated.

What to automate?

  • Posting Content
  • Scheduling Content
  • Reporting
  • Content Curation
  • Cross posting from one channel to another
  • Social Media Notifications

Once, you have figured out what to automate, your next step should be taking a ride of existing social media automation techniques.

The Bottom Line

It’s high time you shift your focus towards social media automation. Getting out of your comfort  zonewill not only improve your skills but will also help you recognize the best ways to utilise your time. For those who have been using the automation techniques, and for those yet to use it, believe me it is more a boon than a bane!