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Must Reads Of The Week: 5 Articles You Shouldn’t Miss Out On [23Feb – 28Feb]

Must Reads Of The Week: 5 Articles You Shouldn’t Miss Out On [23Feb – 28Feb]

Rejoice Inc42 readers, after huge success of news roundup and funding galore which are published every week to give all you busy-asses a glimpse what all happened in the startup ecosystem we have come up ‘Must Reads’ of the week. These articles are curated from from our website to startup repertoire. Here’s a list of Must Reads of this week:-

6 Things To Keep In Mind While Raising Funding

Ever had the chance to go through all the funding hassle? Then you know what a mess it can be if not done properly. To make it a walk on cake here’s a list of 6 things to be taken care of while raising funding. These caveats will make fundraising a fun task, as building a company is not everyone’s cup of tea and it is mired with pitfalls along the way. Read this if you want to make sure you don’t fall in one.

Read complete article here.

Tips On How To BootStrap In India

Fundraising can be a pain in the ass but bootstrapping can be worse. Utilising funds raised is easier but when it comes to spending from your own pocket to keep your startup alive is the tricky part. Here, we provide you with tips on how to manage resources and money without being broke. Especially, product startups are capital hungry against tech startups, as they require bootstrapping.

 Read complete article here.

10 Things To Learn From Richard Branson

The world-famous founder of virgin group which owns more than 400 companies, Richard Branson is worshipped by every entrepreneur. His success speaks for him, yet we have compiled a list for all those who want to follow  his footsteps. These 10 things apply to almost every situation in life, thus making Richard Branson an all-rounder.

Read complete article here.

How To Maintain Work-Life Balance While You Startup

Last must read from our resources but the most important of all is about how to maintain work-life balance while starting up. An entrepreneur doesn’t have a 9 to 5 job which requires him to be available 24 hours a day. While following passion one might find that they are all about work. Here, we provide you with a cheat sheet how not to be consumer fully in work and keep your life intact without losing your sanity.

Read complete article here.

 Startups & Survival Of The Fittest

India is becoming the breeding ground of startups, with number of startups emerging every month only few make it to the top and are able to sell their idea to people. It has converted into battle of the fittest. Here, we compile list of habits you will find in succeeding startups who have got what it takes to survive.

Read complete article here.


Mohit Asija

Inc42 Staff

Undergraduate at Ramjas College. Fitness enthusiast, Tech aficionado and a zealous writer.

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