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Four Innovative Internet of Things Gadgets

Four Innovative Internet of Things Gadgets

There are gadgets that have knowingly or unknowingly turned to an essential part of your daily routine, but did you noticed how the internet of things is making them more efficient, effective and handy to use? All you see is the tip of an iceberg but somewhere in deep ocean Internet of Things have made your lifestyle a lot safer and comfortable.

Count the gadgets on your tips whether it be your smartphone, your home security device, gaming consoles, your home devices like TV, lightings and so, you will find Internet of Things application in all industries. Here, we have selected few of coolest IoT gadgets that you might be using right now or wish to own the next moment you come to know about them, the IoT gadget list includes –

Google Glass

A Google labelled IoT product, developed by Google X. At first look, you might see it as a simple pair of eyeglasses but it is much more than that, enlaced with a camera, microphone and display. Not only it is cool to wear but is very handy to use as well, it’s lens are replaced by a head-up display and can easily be operated by voice command or with the touchpad given on the side of the google glass. Integrated with Google now, Google glass can get you connected to the virtual world of internet, record and share high quality (720p HD) live videos or take images, get details of the message, phone calls and much more.

LIFX light bulb

You might have a smartphone in your pocket and an IoT-enabled watch on your wrist but do you also have wi-fi enabled light bulbs at your home? Or can you control light bulbs with your smartphone? If not then it’s time to upgrade. LIFX light bulbs are energy efficient, wi-fi enabled LED bulbs that you can control with the smartphone in your hand. LIFX light bulb are easy to setup and you can change their control as per your choice and mood. Mother

 Once you are aware of its features, you will find it as the universal monitoring solution. Mother offers four different cookies or sensors that enable you to

  • The Motion cookie of device helps to sense each movement of the target person or object on which the cookie or sensor is placed
  • The device is enlaced with a thermometer enabling you to monitor temperature variations at any point of time.
  • Empowered with sensors that can detect the presence or absence of the target object, person or animal.
  • The chameleon sensor, you might need different sensors at different point of time, with the chameleon sensor you can allocate a different task to the device at any point of time and it will work on that.


You love to travel and are on tours most of the time? You often end up losing your luggage on a trip? Well if it’s so then this gadget can prove to be of great help for you to track your luggage. Trackdot, as the name suggests, it is a tracking device specially designed for travellers that help you to track your luggage on your trip via air or road, it will allow you to track how far your luggage from luggage belt at the airport is. You can get the update of your luggage location over your smartphone via SMS, e-mail or can track your luggage location in real time either by visiting Trackdot’s website or with the app over your smartphone.

Let me know your favourite IoT gadgets in comment section below.

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