What It Takes Going From Zero to a Billionaire [Infographic]

What It Takes Going From Zero to a Billionaire [Infographic]

If you were to guess whether the top 100 richest people in the world got their money from some else or made money themselves – you would be right to guess that most of them made their own money. But how many of those self-made billionaires were in a worse situation than you when they started?

Mark Zuckerberg’s father is a dentist. You might think that did not help him become a billionaire. But you also might think that having a dentist dad makes it easier to not worry about what you’re gonna eat tomorrow. There is no denying that Larry Page is a self-made man, but you might think that his mathematicians father and grandfather had something to do with him studying math in the first place. So if your father is a cab driver or if you have no father at all is it still possible to become a billionaire? Yes it is. In fact among the top 100 richest people in the world eight people are from poor families and they never got a college degree. (Roman Abramovich did not make the list because he later got a correspondence degree in law, but otherwise he was poor and qualified.)


[Editor’s Note: This post is courtesy of FundersAndFounders, who come up with such brilliant infogrpahics.]


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