The Four-Hour Phenomenon Series – Part 1 of 5

How long in a week do you think it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? 

Well you’ll be surprised to hear the answer – 4 hours!


Yep, you read it right. It takes on an average four hours a week for you to be a successful entrepreneur. Over the next few weeks I will introduce you to the world of Tim Ferriss and his go-to-guides which is an amazing all-in-one package to being the best new age entrepreneur that is. Mark my words, this is the most useful resource that covers almost every, if not all aspects there is to being a top entrepreneur. But wait, his knowledge is not limited just to business but in health, fitness and life in general (more on this in part 4 and 5 of this series). He is a veritable entrepreneurial encyclopedia  He is one of those people you wished to come across earlier in your life because you would enhanced yourself so much more better. But it’s never too late so without further ado, enter ‘The Four Hour Workweek’.

This genius at work has sat down, thought of and researched everything there needs to be down when it comes to being an entrepreneur of any sort. In this part you will be introduced to the basic steps he talks about. This is a not a self-help book, this book will change your mind-set about life and it will revolutionize everything you do and lead you to glory. First and foremost, he places you in one category of people who are a certain stage in their life (retired, fresher, and mid-life). Next you will figure out what you want to be (what our goals are, etc.). – This may sound simple but try doing this on your own without this book, go on, try it and see if you figure out every piece of the puzzle. It may seem odd and surprising but once you get past this stage, you realize life isn’t that hard and you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. But here is the kicker of them all – you won’t have to work hard, you won’t have to be rich, smart or crazy (maybe a little crazy).You have to just identify what needs to be done and this book helps you through that process along with removing any obstacles (be it of the mind or from the physical/financial realms) and going on to becoming well plain and simply put happy and rich!


Tim has figured out all the possible methods there is, ones that would require 20% effort and produce 80% result. That’s right the Pareto principle but with working examples and not just being a concept on a blackboard. He showed how he got two world records, broke language barriers and simply sat on a hammock on some beach in Argentina while his bank account was still rolling in money. And the best part about this book, you get results too, immediate ones at that and all with just subtle changes in life. This book will smoothly transition you from where you are (and most likely not where you want to be at) to where you want to be (and where your full potential is realized). So there is basically no excuse for any reader to not go ahead and start-up. The formula is there, escape the fears that you, those around you and other people have set for you. Be the change rather than expecting what comes with life. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dudes and dudettes, this is a war cry. Revolutionize the way you live, these are some of questions (that the next parts in this series will cover in depth) to which the answers are in the four hour book series:

This is what we generally ask!

Question 1 – I want to start a successful business and I have nothing to start with. Can it be done? YES.

Question 2 – I want to be fit, healthy with 6-packs and all but I cannot spend much time on this or go regularly to a gym or stop eating my favorite foods. Can it be done? YES.

Question 3- I want to learn anything (education or otherwise) I am interested in without having to start from scratch- Possible? YES.

You can purchase one of the many bestsellers by the author, entrepreneur and all round genius Tim Ferriss at If you are more of a visual intelligence person, I refer you to first check out his TED speech (link below) and be fascinated!

Tim Ferriss: How to feel like the incredible Hulk

Change your life – This book has changed my insight to everything … I know it will for you too. So stick around if you got the will to make yourself the best there is. We will have in depth analysis from Part 2 to 5.

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The Four-Hour Phenomenon Series – Part 1 of 5-Inc42 Media
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The Four-Hour Phenomenon Series – Part 1 of 5-Inc42 Media
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The Four-Hour Phenomenon Series – Part 1 of 5-Inc42 Media
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The Four-Hour Phenomenon Series – Part 1 of 5-Inc42 Media
The Four-Hour Phenomenon Series – Part 1 of 5-Inc42 Media
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