Master any skill in weeks not years The Four Hour Phenomenon – Part 5 of 5

Master any skill in weeks not years The Four Hour Phenomenon – Part 5 of 5

[Editor’s Note: This is the last Part of The Four-Hour Phenomenon Series. If you missed the earlier parts, here’s Part 1Part 2Part 3 & Part 4.]

I’ll start off with the trailer for the Four Hour Chef

As you can see, it is not just a cookbook. Oh and just a quick recap this is the Four Hour Body trailer (which I mentioned in Part 4 of 5)

Anyway, this is the final installment of the Four Hour Phenomenon series. I will go straight ahead and hit the nail on the head. The Four Hour Chef like the Four Hour body has a broad theme. But the main thing to take away from this book is being the master of meta-learning. Learning anything you want with ease and efficiency. Whether it is a language, a martial art or even just plain cooking, you can become a pro at it. So the following is the four steps and a brief explanation on each:

Step1 – Deconstruction:

You never climb a mountain at one stretch, its one step at a time. This veritable mountain may seem daunting but nonetheless you know it’s possible to scale because many others have done it before you. Just like that, breaking down any process or objective that you want to achieve into smaller learning units. This will help you reach your goal with mini tasks to finish and keep pushing you forward. For example, a business model has product idea creation, investment/funding process, creating a minimum viable product and testing the same. Putting a brand name to your business, perform marketing and sales with choosing the right networks to spread your creation. Then, it ends up in scaling the business as you go along. This may seem complicated but once you break it down. You can face your project better than just going head on first and then getting hit left, right and center. Deconstruction is essentially a business plan for your business plan. So I don’t need to tell you how important this is.

Step2 – Selection:

Now, if you remember I mentioned the 80/20 Pareto principle in a previous part. It basically lets you choose the 20% of the work you need to do to achieve 80% of your results. That is all you have to apply here. For example- If you want to increase the revenue for your blog page. You would not focus on pasting your blog link on 100s of websites and your social networks. You would much rather do an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to move you up the engine ranks. The second thing you would do is work on your Google Ad Sense model and see what time your posts get more audience and what links placed at what position in your page get you more viewership etc., etc. These may seem to be small details but it is the 20% you need to do and you will see 80% gain. Don’t be stupid, don’t work hard or try the same thing over and over and expect the same results. Work smart!

Step3 – Sequencing:

Now, this process is self-explanatory. What is the line-up of items you have to complete in order to achieve your task? Also, how much time and resources would you need to put in to each mini task (based on your strength, skills and requirements)? All these must be addressed if you want to streamline (aka AUTOMATE- Refer part 3 of 5) your business and liberate yourself for bigger things.

Step4 – Stakes:

Setting up marks for you to record/measure the level of progress tells you how well and efficient your process is going along. This will also help you smoothen and streamline your process as you go. You need to have results to show yourself and your investors that they can believe in your idea and that the project is worth moving forward with. Every test must have result – Be it a Neutral, Positive or Negative Test.

Well Ferrissians, I hope I have enlightened you into Tim’s world. Now it’s time you get your game up and make things happen for yourself. There will be more from me in the next week. Until then, Adios!

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Master any skill in weeks not years The Four Hour Phenomenon – Part 5 of 5-Inc42 Media
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Master any skill in weeks not years The Four Hour Phenomenon – Part 5 of 5-Inc42 Media
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Master any skill in weeks not years The Four Hour Phenomenon – Part 5 of 5-Inc42 Media
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Master any skill in weeks not years The Four Hour Phenomenon – Part 5 of 5-Inc42 Media
Master any skill in weeks not years The Four Hour Phenomenon – Part 5 of 5-Inc42 Media
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