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Promote The Steve Jobs Way!

Promote The Steve Jobs Way!

In the tech-world, Apple is a name that has carved itself a niche, a unique one for that matter, compared to the rest of its competitors. And the man who’s the driving force behind this was a well-known figure: Steve Jobs. He was one of those businessmen who had an aura about him. He wore his attitude on his sleeve and exhibited a personality like none other.

Amidst the various things he’s always remembered for, one of the most interesting events used to be his presentation at Apple’s product launches. His confidence and charisma reflected in his presentations; this uniqueness made Apple products even more desirable.

A book by Carmine Gallo called The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs highlights the following remarkable things that made his presentations appealing.

  • Introduce the antagonist: Like every drama has a hero and a villain, his presentations always presented his competitors as antagonists. This practice dates back to 1984 when he presented IBM as Apple’s rival and continued till the very recent product launches.
  • Creating twitter friendly headlines: Apple has been very efficient in giving the most apt tagline to most of its products. When Steve Jobs introduced the Macbook Air, instead of getting into the detailed specifications of the product, he introduced it simply as ‘The world’s thinnest notebook’.
  • Sell dreams, not products: Steve Jobs didn’t sell computers or hardware, he sold transformative experiences. Presenting his products as a life changing experience, he successfully touches the hearts of the buyers.
  • Rehearse: an effortless presentation is only possible due to hours and hours of practice. Steve Job’s presentations were slick and smart: no detailed explanations, just important bullet points. It effectively conveyed everything that a buyer needed to know.

Steve Jobs isn’t just a name. It’s a revolution, like none other, and the popularity of Apple proves this!

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