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Ode To An Entrepreneur

Ode To An Entrepreneur

Starting your own business is a risky thing
We wonder what ideas we can bring
To ensure that the venture is a success
And not one where your head is buried in your chest

The entrepreneur actually learns on the job
Over time, the right crowd and he hobnob,
Discuss ways how the business can grow
And how to shut down operations if they are slow.

He takes decisions that are termed as rash
The sceptic thinks that he is full of trash
However, there are a few who believe
And will raise money and make others see

That the project was indeed not a waste
In time, the sceptic will improve his taste
The project will boom for a while
And the proprietor will travel many a mile

And then one day, when it will arrive
The entrepreneur will have a different drive
The profit made from project one
Will be used for project two (but he won’t be done)

And once again the cycle will go on
And will never stop, but don’t think of it as a spawn
It’s of course the life of an entrepreneur, you see
Because for him, a life without risk will never be

You need to go there, and you need to drive.
To drive is all what you should always thrive.
Its not just about to live, but to feel alive.

And like a kid, do not wail
When your first ventures, they all fail
Many such ghosts you have to flay
To make your mark and have a say

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