Mindset: The Foundation For Your Success

As put by Tim Kredier , “Our frantic days are really just a hedge against emptiness. With our ever changing and  evolving world  we are forced to feel  the need to be connected, whether it be texting or chatting with our friends or going through our Facebook, Twitter accounts through our laptops or mobiles .We are so busy with our own segregated lifestyles that we are becoming addicted to it.”

As entrepreneurs ,we constantly wish to stay connected with our clients and customers to help improve our ventures and to develop in this ever competing market. However, being available 24/7, is not as good as it sounds to your customers and might become a health hazard! In fact this might even effect your company and your efficiency to deliver to your customers. 

The saying “a clear head, takes you ahead” is not exactly an old wives’ tale that we should ignore in our pursuit to fulfil our dreams. Nowadays we hear extensively, about nervous breakdown and suicides, caused by work induced stress. However disturbing this may be, this is a modern fact we must come to terms with. Even the top-notch officials, who enjoy the envy of their subordinates in their respective organisations are not spared by this work induced stress.

Entrepreneurs are the visionaries who not only put forward their idea, but actually implement them in their designated time frame. It is but natural for them to feel continuous and volcanic spurs of stress owing to their responsibility, but wise is the one who can handle it without affecting the sanctity of one’s health.

Only when we clear away our doubts can we actually stride forward and increase our productivity. Wouldn’t you consider this as the reason for fixed and rotational shifts in firms?  They recognize the value of a productive worker, after all they do believe in AP Lerner’s principle of “optimum utilisation of minimum resources.”

We can learn from one of one the most exemplary business persons on the planet- the Japanese. Even after having suffered from catastrophes like earthquakes and nuclear disasters, they are able to build everything back to normal -even better- at an amazing rate!

The secret of their success is that they are able to balance their fast paced lives with discipline and understanding the difference between working and over working themselves.

In the end, it’s not the fast hare that wins the race it’s the patient and persistent turtle who realises his own shortcoming and overcomes them with determination. We must remember – a clear mind is what enshrines the power house of ideas.


Note: We at Inc42 take our ethics very seriously. More information about it can be found here.

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Mindset: The Foundation For Your Success-Inc42 Media
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Mindset: The Foundation For Your Success-Inc42 Media
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Mindset: The Foundation For Your Success-Inc42 Media
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Mindset: The Foundation For Your Success-Inc42 Media
Mindset: The Foundation For Your Success-Inc42 Media
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