Inspire yourself and face the light!

Inspire yourself and face the light!

The phrase “every cloud has a silver lining” is rather ubiquitous; this phrase obviously means that even after a lot of trouble, there comes a time when all the problems are over and solved. It’s a pity however, that even when we all know what it means, we hardly apply this to our lives. It’s apparent to us that life is synonymous with problems, and that is a universal truth.

If someone wants to live, he must face problems. Sadly some people never try to solve them, and instead submit. They prefer being in the dark, even when though know that it’ll impair them of their vision. But to them, this looks like the easy way out, and – the laziest one too. I learnt a very elementary lesson in my 7th standard science class, which I had always experienced even before I had started my academic life. It was simple, “you can’t see if there’s no light around”. This one sounds too simple, obviously everyone knows about it, had it not been for this elementary rule of physics, you might not have been able to even view this article. But the philosophical sciences indicate a different meaning, if only one endeavours to find it. Whenever we find ourselves drowning in an ocean of worries, most of us tend to stop thinking, or in other words blind our own vision which eventually leads to maimed talent and negligible efficiency. When darkness engulfs us, the same things happen.

Darkness falls across the land
And out of the darkness comes he who prevails

As entrepreneurs, problems and worries will always tag along with you. It’ll be but an unworthy friend who will disappoint you, frustrate you, emaciate you but will still be called a friend. These unworthy friends, i.e. your problems, will engulf you with their darkness, clouding your vision and thought; but their very presence will spark an adrenaline rush, the very desire to break out, the desire to beat the heat and the burning need to excel. It is only when you burn these problems that you will create light enough to walk out of the metaphoric darkness.

It is said that when the “early men”, the early humans, our ancestors, discovered fire, the world changed for them. Apart from helping them in their other chores, the most important aid that fire provided them was light, a vision for a greater future. It really amuses me think that we might have still been thousands of years behind if early man hadn’t discovered fire! That is the power of light!

The dawn of Civilization

It’s almost every day that I hear my friends wailing about their problems, life’s “harshness” and many reasons to caterwaul about. I like to remind them of the phrase I started this article with, the essence of life – light!

Imagine being trapped in a situation – a dark, scary forest, and you are scared out of your wits. Fear, anxiety and obviously, Goosebumps are your staunchest allies. Fear takes over and spreads to your temples causing them to throb harder than ever! A fearsome whim indicates that they may dangle out any moment and the chill down your spine might freeze you to death. You desperately look around for help, resources or any idea to get out of that place. Your life starts flashing before your eyes and you see sudden glimpses of what some may perceive as the ultimate leveler- Death.

Fortuitously, you see a ray of light, vast, refulgent, bright! Unless your brain is damaged by now, you would definitely be heading towards the light, at your fastest possible speed. Your adrenaline may cause a performance that could surprise the best of athletes. That might be a problem, running impulsively with the last converged trickle of your energy, but when the only thing you want is to get out of that forest, this ‘effort’ might be just a cakewalk for you. If the same principle is applied whenever you face a problem, life might turn out to be much better to live!

“Will it take effort?”


“Is it worth it?”

You bet!!

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Inspire yourself and face the light!-Inc42 Media

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Inspire yourself and face the light!-Inc42 Media
Inspire yourself and face the light!-Inc42 Media

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