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The Other Side: A Look Into Entrepreneurs’ Emotions

The Other Side: A Look Into Entrepreneurs’ Emotions

Are you among those who think entrepreneurs are dull and  boring people who lack are phlegmatic? Then, people, you are still in the dark. Given the roller coaster ride type of life entrepreneurs lead, for them, actually, other events of life become a little dull and boring.

It isn’t that they don’t have an adrenaline rush, it’s just that the trigger for their reactions is something that only fellow entrepreneurs can understand. So, next time you see someone sitting with a gloomy look on the face while the net connection is off or going nuts after a call, just let him be, because at the end of the day, he’s an entrepreneur.

So, just have a look at the gifs below and find out the best reactions to the roller coaster ride of an entrepreneur’s life.

When caught stalking potential investor


When investor invites for a dinner

Source: thethousandlives
Source: thethousandlives

When an employee agrees to join on less salary

Source: Gosswoss

When overhear a person talking about your startup

Source: tumblr

When wallet drains out of money

no money

When they find another startup doing the same stuff

startup doing same stuff

When competitor gets funded

Source: cdn.rsvlts

When internet speed sucks 

Source: Tumblr

 When website goes down for few minutes 

Source: huffingtonpost

 When a potential customer picks call in less than 5 rings

Source: Giphy

 When customer gives a positive feedback  

Source: glee.wikia