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8 Most Valuable Lessons For Entrepreneurs

8 Most Valuable Lessons For Entrepreneurs

atulAtul Pratap Singh
Atul is MD & Founder at V Spark Communications Pvt Ltd which he founded in 2010.

“Everything started as nothing”, a quote which I read long back. It took long to understand the real meaning behind the simple lines. You need to be optimistic about everything you do. Look at the positive side of the story you are about to create. What worked or not you’ll get to know later and that is what we call experience. There is no assurance that you’ll never get into losses or your venture will excel for sure, but keeping all this aside make various plans before starting up.

“ZERO is a big score” Yes, you need to believe this. We often heard the importance of ‘zero’ in figures if rightly placed. Similarly, in real life zero is like an obstacle but an entrepreneur will look at it as a pound full of opportunities. No matter how low you score at your school, college, grads or masters the life isn’t over.  An MBA degree from a reputed college is not going to make you a real “Entrepreneur”. You require a lot beyond that degree. Always remember, Talent, Idea, Ability, Passion, Dedication, Determination, Patience are few things which are never taught.

“Ideas are everywhere”– You need to be inceptive and vigilant in your day to day life. Ideas are omnipresent. Don’t restrict your creative juices to flow but on the other hand be thirsty for more. The more you will observe the better it will be for your idea as you can refine it with real life examples. If Plan ‘A’ fails you have got 25 more alphabets left. By any chance if they all fail you have got an endless counting numbers left.

“Now is the right time” The sooner you will realize the importance of time, the more you will gain. Time never stops for anyone so one will have to work accordingly. No time is right or wrong, all it requires a robust decision to commence. Once you are set to go just make sure your plans should be potent to eventuate with time. People who wait for the right time are doing nothing than wasting it.

“Do what is right, not what is easy” It is an interminable war for human race as we always have to decide on this. As a human tendency we tend to choose what is easy than the right. Take examples from your workout routine, preferring bike over a walk or a laptop over a notepad; the list is endless. Choosing the right way is not at all easy but entrepreneurs are one who decides to do things rightly no matter how difficult it could be. If you are looking for an easy way out, entrepreneurship isn’t for you.

“Do not chase people” Building an efficient team is the crux of every successful venture. In our quest to do so we often start following people blindly which eventually reduces your importance and people start taking you for granted. Be you and do your work really hard, the right people will follow you. People are not only attracted by the offer you make but the work you do, the results.

“Lift your team” It is one of the quality you will find in world greatest leaders. A leader is one who do not put others down, he lifts them up. The task of a leader is to keep the hope alive. Boasting team morale, giving recognition to your team, appreciating and listening to other perspective will make you learn and grow. This also ignites a sense of belonging amongst the team mates.

“Stay Grounded” Success comes with its own pros and cons. It gives you wings to fly. But a true entrepreneur is one who learns the art of staying grounded despite of having freedom to fly. Being humble and polite will help you in getting recognition. Do not boast yourself, you work will do it on your behlalf. No matter how much you grow and earn, never forget people who supported you when you Started as Nothing.

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