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Here Is The Secret That Is Helping Amazon Stay Reputed Online

Here Is The Secret That Is Helping Amazon Stay Reputed Online

A quick fact on a customer’s reviewing habit: A dissatisfied customer, on an average, tells 25 of his friends. A happy one to only 15!

Clearly, if good reviews spread like wildfire, bad reviews rush with the speed of light.

A publicist will say there is no good or bad publicity as long as it gets you the attention. Talk to any online reputation manager, and he will tell you that with bad reviews you will hit a dead end if not handled in time.

I would strongly state my opinion with the latter because 8 out of 10 customers now treat and trust online reviews just like personal recommendations.

Brand value is diluting. Our customer would now identify with what the rising generation of advocates and influencers have to say, and not what we tell him we are. Why do you think Amazon is still topping the list as the company with the most visible reputation? It’s because they know how to build their reputation online.

According to Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, “You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well. People notice that over time”.

Well, here are the ways you can ensure that your online reputation shines like Amazon and earns you higher AOVs, bigger ROIs and ever increasing conversions. Let us start-

Ensuring That Each Product Has At Least Five Reviews

Tip #1: Ask, and ye shall receive – Most customers will happily review your product if you ask for it. Just call them up or send a follow-up email.

Tip #2: Keep an incentive for review – For the hesitant ones, incentivise the review process. Run a reward point campaign or a loyalty program.

Tip #3: Poach the influencers – Dig out the customers whose reviews are most trusted and offer them freebies or trial packs to ensure that each product has been reviewed.

Managing Third-party Reviews (off-site)

Managing third-party reviews is quite more complicated unless you have an automated services like Yotpo.

Simply put, there are ‘Three’ things you need to remember in managing a third-party review:

1. A customer content service.

2. A Godly omni-presence. Stay social and maintain a profile on every review site. Have a separate profile, maybe on Twitter, to handle customer complaints.

3. Be open and amiable. Respect your customer’s opinion and be open to take criticism in your stride.

What You Can Do To Naturally Get Good Reviews

Tip#1: If you have a mobile app, make sure to activate push notifications for reviewing and promotions.

Tip #2: Ship promptly. If possible, keep an intent to over-deliver in this arena. Ship before the stipulated time to delight the customer.

Tip #3: Google yourself. I mean it. Regularly, Google yourself and see what is being said about you and what you can do about it.

And lastly –

Building A Positive Reputation Online And Leverage Customers’ Trust

Most of the marketing experts unanimously vouch for one factor that gets most conversions which is openness for customer opinions.

Step #1: Patiently listen to your customer.

Step #2: Respond instantly, but in an appreciative, comforting tone.

Step #3: Be vigilant.

If you find a great review somewhere, spread it on social media and display on your site as a badge of honor and proof of great service.

Pay special attention to negative reviews and address them. Apologize with a genuine voice and thank them for pointing out the potholes in your service. Send them goodies or vouchers if they are really unhappy with your service.

Customer reviews are all about perceived value or customer expectation. So, don’t set expectations too high on your website where the product doesn’t live up to it. This will leave your customer disappointed. Instead, keep the product copy unique and compelling without exaggerating its features.

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