Prachi Tyagi
Prachi Tyagi Prachi Tyagi is currently a marketing communications graduate student at the University of Melbourne. She writes on the lines of digital transformation, public relations and her travels among a mix of other things on her website that goes by the alias Prachi Preaches.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: A Successful Key Public Relations Function? Howard R. Bowen is famous for having coined the term ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ in his book called ‘Social Responsibilities of the Businessman’ in 1953. In his preliminary definition, Bowen (2013), who is known as the father of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), describes it as ‘the obligations of businessmen to pursue those policies, to make those […] 9 min read December 1, 2016
  • The X Factor – Personal Branding LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and even SnapChat are social media giants being used by individuals to connect with others, network and create their own image, ultimately, develop their own brand. Going back to how I got familiar with Personal Branding, when I was working in a startup’s Public Relations department, it was up to to me […] 6 min read July 15, 2016

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