Nikita Tiwari Nikita Tiwari is a content creator at DoSelect, dreamer, and dot-connector between music, every day, and the stars. Her existence is constantly realigned by the magic that is contained in languages and words, the little aspects of humanity embedded in our days, the rather familiar tug of unexplored places, pieces of art that keep floating around our universe.
  • Employee Value Proposition – A Strategy Model This is part II of our series on helping recruitment teams get the microscopic fill of the mechanics behind building an Employee Value Proposition. If you missed part I, have your fill here. In the “Vocation of Man,” Fichte said that “you could not remove a single grain of sand from its place without thereby …changing something throughout […] 16 min read September 2, 2017
  • Your Employee Value Proposition Starts Here – Your Employee During a recent, interesting conversation, a talent acquisition executive voiced a profound opinion that has since, stayed with us. “An organisation’s Employee Value Proposition comes to exist the moment an organisation is born,” he remarked. The challenge is not creating an EVP at birth; 85% talent acquisition executives at established GICs rue the absence of EVPs, altogether. […] 7 min read September 1, 2017