Voice Search: A Salient Marketing Tool For Ecommerce Brands

Voice Search: A Salient Marketing Tool For Ecommerce Brands


4 of 10 millennials use voice search to browse a product before buying it

18% increment in online shopping using voice assistant can be expected by 2020

Go local while optimising SEO for voice search to enhance consumer experience

Technology has found its way into people’s lives, and now they are progressively reliant on lifeless things for their exploration of the World Wide Web. The occasions we live in are more fascinating than any time in recent memory. And with that, organisations focusing on long-term growth are taking a gander at adjusting to such changes that have caused a hurricane in the manner people interact with voice assistants/chatbots for their ventures, inquiries, and interests, and that is just the beginning.

Today, human behaviour is gradually changing with the new normal as people are evolving to adapt to the latest practices of self-isolation to fight the coronavirus battle. Individuals feel at ease practicing each action from the solace of their homes. Over 1.8 Bn people till date have shopped from an online marketplace (as per a research by Statista) since the conception of the internet. The pandemic will further push the boundaries of businesses to go digital as they will start offering products and services on the click of the button to uplift its ‘audiences’ comfort.

Upon consideration of these trends, experts can suggest that Voice Search and Recognition will grow exponentially. Today, roughly 20% of the basic home necessity items and amusement shopping accounts for voice-based orders. As we further tread towards 2022, shopper spending will increase up to 18% by means of voice searches. It may very well be plainly observed that not putting resources into voice search technology can be impeding for organizations as they may lose upon the chance of grabbing the attention of the consumers when the right time comes. In this way, it is very vital for brands and organisations to advance as they adapt voice search innovation in their website to cater to the changing human needs in the coming future.

According to research by SalesForce, at least 4 millennials out of 10 browse online before purchasing a product using voice search assistants such as Alexa, Siri, Hello Google or others. Further, the study states that the numbers will only increase. So, to be ready for the time to come, businesses must evolve with the technology, adapt and integrate what suits them, and meet their customers’ needs. Here is a guide that the businesses must follow to improve their game:

Analysing every question the consumer searches for to find a particular product is your guide to understanding their mind. People usually follow a similar pattern whenever they search for something online, and thus, surveying will make search engine optimisation for text and voice compelling and more effective. Empowering the website to respond to the correct inquiries will yield a higher potential to convert a lead.

There is a gazillion assortment of individuals, as are their ways. Subsequently, it is necessary to be progressively human in the selections of inquiries and answers to offer the users an improved and friendly experience.

The brand must keep in mind the web traffic it receives from local searches while designing the content strategy for search engine optimization. This will not only help the ecommerce brand to cater to the local market effectively but also enable it to tap on the untapped potential audience in the region and beyond.

People are no longer just searching on their laptops; they are using mobile assistants, chatbots, etc., and to empower them, the brands will have to creatively and effectively build marketing strategies. Regardless of whether the buyer is cooking or driving, voice search proves to be useful as the voice assistant goes where the individual goes.

Voice searches are carried based on artificial intelligence-enabled virtual assistants; thus, it becomes vital for brand marketers to adjust to this innovation and continually take a shot at building their SEO strategies that are streamlined and re-enhanced to engage with the online shoppers. Brands will have to concentrate on curating inventive, conversational content that makes the client stride through until they finally check out with the product.

This is a dynamic world we live in; it never stops for anyone. On the off-chance that one brand isn’t buyer-friendly, the other will make the imprint in the heart of the shoppers. Today, individuals are more mindful than any other time in history, and they are consistently watching out for things that make their lives much more comfortable than ever before, and voice search and recognition technology can easily eliminate the need to use a phone at all, by offering clients what they need in only one voice command.

All in all, is it important to be future-prepared? Indeed. Brands and organisations must evolve all the more to be future-prepared, on the grounds that individuals are changing; however, they see fit at their own pace.

Today, not very many online business platforms have integrated a voice search highlight to upgrade the client experience, yet going ahead, the voice search technology will shape the consumer behaviour as more and more individuals get hold of a smartphone (or voice search assistants) and an active internet connection. The need to adjust to this innovation cannot be put on hold anymore as the brands must hover back to it and adjust it to offer its clients a more convenient experience.

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Voice Search: A Salient Marketing Tool For Ecommerce Brands-Inc42 Media
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Voice Search: A Salient Marketing Tool For Ecommerce Brands-Inc42 Media
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Voice Search: A Salient Marketing Tool For Ecommerce Brands-Inc42 Media
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Voice Search: A Salient Marketing Tool For Ecommerce Brands-Inc42 Media
Voice Search: A Salient Marketing Tool For Ecommerce Brands-Inc42 Media
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