UX – The New Age Mantra for Marketing

Sitting in a corner, wondering where you went wrong with your recent marketing Campaign? You crunched all the number and did all the research but still the performance isn’t like you hoped it would be. Sure the famous line ‘Half of your Marketing budget gets wasted and nobody knows why!’ could be true but there is a new phenomenal way of conquering this anomaly.

Marketing, as a lot of people know, is the process of creating a need in a prospective customers mind about a product. It’s hitting the right spot to make them take an action; hence it’s persuasive, manipulative and revolves around sales. In comes User Experience; many of us have heard the term in website and app design and know it revolves around the experience that a person gets from a product. It is the design process in which the experience a person gets from a product is in line with what the organizational objective is. User experience is about simplicity, empathy, and context.

Both can learn from each other and create a design that balances the needs of business and users. No point creating a brilliant UX which does not create an uptick for the business. And design without user-centric thinking will most likely also fail as user research is derived from marketing research.

User Experience works with:

  • User Personas and profiles
  • Understanding their behaviour
  • Creating user flows around their learned behaviour
  • Once a workflow has been made then a prototype is made
  • Prototype is tested with a sample group
  • Final product is perfected to the best of our ability

Personas are detailed samples of people who match the personalities of prospective clients and keep in mind ‘what would they do if they were given this product to use’. This also revolves around the fact that you want to reach the right people with the right amount of data at the right time and in the right place. For example Design For Use (DFU) a leading User Experience firm in Delhi worked with Travel Triangle by creating Personas of people who interact with travel agents while booking their travel packages. They created multiple personas of people on the basis of gender, age, profession, qualification and weather they are buying an international of domestic package. This helped them in understanding the behaviour they are expected to do while using the app , which in turn helped in finalizing the “User Flow “ for the website/App.

How does this reflect in Marketing?

User Experience can be used while formulating campaigns. It can be used with Email marketing by developing emails on the basis of what the person wants to see and know about rather than what we want them to see. Providing a person the right information when they want it is the secret of how we can use UX in Email marketing. Remember content is king but context is Queen. Having amazing content is a battle half won but if we give the amazing content to the person when they want it or are looking for it you can be sure to win the whole war.
UX creates brand loyalty by giving users an experience which they want to have again and again. The same Experience should be replicated in the marketing campaign for better performance.

A good UX will encourage people to promote you page/website on social media which in itself is an achievement. Social Media is all about content but keeping UX in perspective we should aim at giving the right message which is in line with the brand rather than just posting for the heck of it. Quality over Quantity is what User Experience encourages us to do when it comes to marketing.

A good example for this would be Ferns and Petals. Their Marketing campaign revolves around reaching out to right people at the right time. If you have subscribed to their emails, you will get an email from them to buy flowers at the right time. They make their promotions stronger at the time of valentines, mother’s day, daughter’s day, etc., they also send customized emails to people who have signed in with options on birthdays etc.

So next time you make an epic marketing campaign keep these pointers in mind:

  • Define you Target Audience well.
  • Create personas for your Target Audience.
  • Understand their behaviour and personalities well.
  • Figure out if your ads are going to be relevant to them and how.

Focus on the Context of your Content…

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UX – The New Age Mantra for Marketing-Inc42 Media
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UX – The New Age Mantra for Marketing-Inc42 Media
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UX – The New Age Mantra for Marketing-Inc42 Media
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UX – The New Age Mantra for Marketing-Inc42 Media
UX – The New Age Mantra for Marketing-Inc42 Media
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