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Startups And Next Gen Mass Recruitment

Startups And Next Gen Mass Recruitment

As we look back at 2016 and the various events that are continuing to transform industries, we see the beginning of tectonic shifts in the approach towards acquisition of talent. Time and again we run across a common theme – the use of social and mobile platforms built on clever technology with intuitive user interfaces to tap the right talent.

With the explosion of startups in India and with them being in different stages of gestation, there is always this underlying need to rope in outstanding talent. Startups, in their growth phase, can’t get good talent fast enough. Most startups would love to get their hands on modern tools that can digitally help in recruiting a massive number of resources. Ideally, these tools would be ones that eschew the use of any costly on-premise job fairs or recruitment events.

Startups need to keep their cost of acquisition down, and any solution that provides maximum reach for maximum impact would be embraced warmly.

Currently, available technology and those that are coming to the market can be leveraged to provide digital mass recruitment channels at a fraction of the cost of other channels.

Campaign Reach And Diversity

Important criteria for a successful mass hiring drive is the reach of the campaign and its diversity.  A few key components in developing the campaign would be its schedule, timing, the distribution channel, the social outreach and the message.

If an organisation can ensure that campaigns reach out to a large number of contacts and the message is artfully designed for forward sharing, the probability of reaching a wider pool of potential new hires is higher. Existing tools like Linkedin or Facebook are great to disseminate these campaigns. Increasingly, folks are turning to speciality apps like MintMesh designed to address Digital Mass Recruitment.

The case for digital transformation of mass recruitment can’t be more urgent.

Digital Transformation Of Mass Recruitment

Traditional mass hiring campaigns are expensive affairs and need costly orchestration to make them successful. It is akin to the film-based Cameras of yesteryears, where you had just one good shot that you had to take. Review and revisions were expensive.

Similarly, on-site mass recruitment campaigns have to be extremely well run to be successful. The cost of failure is too high. Digital mass recruitment, on the other hand, can be revised, retargeted and re-run with low to no cost.

Digital Mass recruitment has taken advantage of the ubiquitous availability of mobile devices and the penetration of social media to become wildly successful.

Consider an organisation being able to run a digital mass hiring campaign, reaching out to a network of employees, customers, vendors etc., and persuading each of them to become an advocate for your company. Couple this large digital outreach with automated sorting and pre-screening, to give these organisations a big advantage. There is a huge upside to this form of talent recruitment.

Startups, in particular, can see increased productivity of recruiters to secure the right talent in large numbers.

Although the jury is still out, Digital Mass Recruitment is here to stay and we will see more startups adopting this for their hiring needs.

Being natural pioneers, these startups will lead the way for such new methods of talent acquisition with big corporates and traditional business not too far behind.

[The author of this post is Sunil Nair, co-founder and Director of MintMesh.]

Note: The views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views held by Inc42, its creators or employees. Inc42 is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by guest bloggers.