According to researchers, a minimum of eight hours sleep is necessary for the proper functioning of the brain and body and it is also essential for rejuvenating and refreshing the person. (LOL.)

If someone ever presents this statement to an entrepreneur, a big laugh is what can be expected as a reply. Being an entrepreneur, its next to impossible to find even an hour to sleep, forget about 8 hours. But, it is not that the situation has changed recently, it has been the same since centuries.

Renowned personalities, be it entrepreneurs, scientists, artists or even musicians, have for long left their sleep to follow their passions and to bring their dreams to life. Though the concept of sleeping less might not seem to be anything out of the ordinary, but the extreme sleep patterns of many a personalities is sure to surprise you all. Leonarda Da Vinci slept only for 2 hours everyday and that too in breaks; for every 4 hours he would stay awake, he would sleep for 20 minutes. Winston Churchill, who credited the success of the Battle Of Britain to his afternoon naps, had a bed in the house of Parliament.

The following infographic, developed by, shows the short and sometimes weird sleep patterns of famous personalities.


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