How to Price what you Sell?!

How to Price what you Sell?!

For quite a few months now, I enjoy toying with topics that intrigue me and over the odd weekend try to convert them into simple PPTs. Pricing has always been a concept all of us (including me) struggle with. As you can see I had to speak to Master Yoda to figure out how to tackle this problem!

I’ve attempted to break down and analyse how one can price what one sells. This is just a reference guide. I would encourage you to add some more examples in the comments below!

Feedback is always welcome. Just be sure you don’t hit me with anything too hard 🙂

About the Author – Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal

alok kejriwalAlok is the Co-Founder and CEO of Games2Win, he is a serial entrepreneur and founded Contests2win (c2w) in 1998. Alok and c2w have gone on to create 3 new businesses – Mobile2win in China and India, Media2win and Games2win, and have raised venture capital from top tier VC firms and financial institutions. Alok’s USP is in assembling star teams and going to the market with new age businesses.

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