How D2C Brands Can Use Influencer Marketing To Maximise ROI This Festive Season

How D2C Brands Can Use Influencer Marketing To Maximise ROI This Festive Season


Influencer marketing has been used in 93% of campaigns by various brands, bringing festive-centric content to people in the hope of generating instant sales

According to the Influencer Marketing Report, the Indian influencer industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 25% through 2025, reaching INR 2,200 Cr

Making the most of online platforms is critical for brands, given that consumers are constantly hooked to their screens and are easily accessible

After two long years of wait, the festive season is back with a bang! Brands are now giving consumers exactly what they want, an experience, a real story and a lot more value with their unique marketing techniques. 

Influencer marketing has emerged as a cutting-edge effective strategy that works well in engaging the public, building a rapport, and offering value as they create clutter-breaking content. It helps seek attention from a diverse audience giving brands a chance to expand their target market to new-age consumers and redefine themselves, resulting in increased reach and brand awareness. 

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has always been in the picture. Friends, mentors, and family have always been the closest influences to purchasing and experimenting with new brands and products in the market. Today, we’ve gone digital, with over 448 Mn active social media users spending an average of 2 hours and 25 minutes per day. 

Hence, consumers are bound to form a connect and trust influencers who they engage with around the clock. The Indian influencer industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 25% through 2025, when it will be worth Rs 2,200 Cr, according to the Influencer Marketing Report.

Fashion, lifestyle, and beauty have the highest festive onboarding, with influencers evolving and producing quality content with full set and design production. It’s no longer just a camera and a ring light, it’s engaging personalised content with voiceovers, underrated music, aesthetic settings and a lot of play with lights – as good as a short film! Influencers have not only learned how to keep their audience engaged, but they have also developed a niche/USP for themselves, setting them apart and making them memorable. 

Thus, influencer marketing has been used in 93% of marketing campaigns by various brands that bring festive-centric content to the people in the hopes of generating instant sales. This, in turn, establishes their existence in the minds of consumers and fosters customer loyalty.

Brands can maximise their ROI from influencer marketing this festive season by using:

Engaging Content

The type of content a brand produces sets it apart from its rivals and serves as its unique selling proposition. Additionally, content is crucial for drawing in and keeping customers. Thus, if brands want to get the highest ROI, producing compelling content should be their first focus. 

To make an effect on the target market, marketers must also come up with something unique and engaging that caters to the fact that the festive frenzy is on the rise this season and people are anticipating the celebrations with the utmost zeal and passion.

Topical Contests

Consumers are driven to make an immediate purchase through time-sensitive offers and competitions during festivals or topical days that people await all year. 

Coming up with original strategies, deals, and offering discounts in the gifting season to the audience by using influencer marketing can perform wonders for the brand. 

Special Marketing Campaigns

Campaigns are essential for drawing in the target audience and getting the desired outcomes. A successful advertising campaign can change the game for brands, especially during the festive season. 

Given the short lifespan of festive campaigns, having an influencer by your side who resonates with your brand would be able to capture the maximum audience in no time and could be a turning point for brands.

Affiliate Marketing 

Coupons and other unique discounts attract the public’s attention right away and influence them to make a purchase. As a result, creating distinctive festive-themed coupons and limited-time offers is a terrific approach for brands to maximise ROI. 

Furthermore, customers would be more likely to purchase if the coupons and discounts came from their preferred influencer, coupons that would only work for their target audience, which would ultimately benefit the brands tapping directly into their target market.

Final Takeaway

The festival season is a fun-filled opportunity for brands to engage with their potential audience as well as explore different marketing routes as it leaves a lot of room for creativity and is focused on building a personal connect. 

Making the most of the online platforms available is critical for brands given that the consumers are hooked to their screens constantly and are also easily accessible. With the help of influencers’ personalisation of content and humanising the brand, they have a chance to increase customer interest in their products through influencer marketing.  

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How D2C Brands Can Use Influencer Marketing To Maximise ROI This Festive Season-Inc42 Media
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How D2C Brands Can Use Influencer Marketing To Maximise ROI This Festive Season-Inc42 Media
How D2C Brands Can Use Influencer Marketing To Maximise ROI This Festive Season-Inc42 Media
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