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How Affiliate Marketing Can Drive Greater Success For New-Age Microbloggers

How Affiliate Marketing Can Drive Greater Success For New-Age Microbloggers

Microbloggers can deliver brand messages in a succinct, creative, and engaging manner

Brands are leveraging affiliate marketing to maximize ROIs on marketing spends

A major challenge that publishers most commonly face is that of monetising their online audiences

India is rapidly emerging as a digital-first nation. This shift is also ushering in the age of microbloggers who can deliver brand messages in a succinct, creative, and engaging manner. Here brands are leveraging affiliate marketing to maximize ROIs on marketing spends. But how do publishers benefit from such associations with affiliate marketing networks? Here’s an overview!

Realising The Market Potential

Brands have been quick to realise the marketing potential of these new-era publishers as social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, etc are becoming the most preferred content consumption channels for India’s new-age audiences. They are reimagining their digital marketing strategies and bringing social media influencers, owners of online forums, bloggers, and microbloggers on board as affiliates for higher engagement and RoIs.

Why? Because new-age publishers are delivering rich dividends for brands!

According to a recently released report by the global affiliate network Admitad, newer traffic channels such as social media groups, online blogs, and forums have driven a 7x year-on-year increase in advertiser turnover during H1 2019. The report further highlighted that sales brought by newer affiliate traffic channels in India during the reporting period also exceeded $2.5 Mn in 2019 – a 63% increase since H2 2018!

Why New-Age Publishers Should Partner With Affiliate Networks?

A major challenge that publishers most commonly face is that of monetising their online audiences. Publishers opting for brand partnerships typically meet significant roadblocks that make these opportunities extremely complicated, especially for those who are just starting out and are not very familiar with the affiliate marketing domain. New-age publishers also often lack the technical expertise to manage attribution, tracking, traffic quality and other intricacies of affiliate partnerships.

Further, publishers traditionally spend a lot of time understanding and identifying affiliate partnerships that suit them best. They need to carry out a thorough research about affiliates that work with their preferred type of content, target audience, demographics, etc. Thus, the time that can otherwise be utilized to create engaging content is spent on the cumbersome task of identifying the right partners.

To truly make the most of their partnerships, publishers require a holistic, tech-backed solution that facilitates seamless revenue generation opportunities while helping them save time and money. This is exactly where leading affiliate marketing networks come into the picture.

How Affiliate Marketing Platforms add value to microblogger collaborations

In the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, where it can be hard to examine what truly works, affiliate networks can offer enhanced support to publishers. By joining hands with such platforms, publishers can easily browse through a host of affiliate programs and campaigns before selecting the ones that are best suited to their needs and preferences.

Leading affiliate networks have also created innovative google chrome extensions like Admitad Lite for microbloggers and other online publishers. These solutions can be leveraged to access several advertiser programs across the globe through a consolidated platform. Since a single account can be used to access multiple advertiser programs, publishers also don’t have to deal with the hassle of registering with multiple affiliate networks.

All they need to do is install the extension, register with the platform and get easy access to a host of advertiser campaigns – even from advertisers that they are not associated with. This opens up a world of new opportunities for publishers, who can now simply explore programs, request to be a part of them and create instant deep links to start earning post-approval.

Traffic authenticity, user targeting, and attribution are all taken care of by the affiliate network, while publishers can focus on creating and optimizing their content with the help of the extensive customer insights provided to them. Through affiliate marketing platforms, publishers can also accurately gauge campaign performance and returns-on-investment in real-time.

Several brands leverage affiliate marketing to create referral programs and reward content creators that drive the maximum value for their brands. This acts as an added revenue stream for publishers. Further, affiliate platforms offer publishers the opportunity to choose their working models, payouts, traffic type and geography in a more detailed and accurate manner while associating with a brand as affiliates. Working closely with partner brands can, thus, lead to relationship-building that ensures continued earnings for the publisher.

Traditionally, affiliate marketing has been one of the most popular ways for publishers to monetize their online traffic. New-age publishers are beginning to understand the value addition that partnering with affiliate networks can drive for them.

This is why a growing number of microbloggers are now tying up with affiliate marketing platforms to maximise their earning potential. As more publishers partner with affiliates platforms to seamlessly access new business opportunities, they will provide a significant fillip to the growth of the microblogging industry, the affiliate marketing industry, and – most importantly – their own online business.

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