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10 More Essential Sales Email Ingredients

10 More Essential Sales Email Ingredients

Email can be one of the best ways to reach out to prospects. However, getting replies to your sales emails may be easier said than done. So what can you do to improve the chances?

Here are the top ingredients to help improve your chances of getting the result you require.

Email Subject Line That Stands Out

The first part of your sales email is the subject line. To boost the chances of your email not being sent straight to the bin you need a subject line that stands out. It should be short and simple to grab the attention of the reader and compel them to open it up. For example:

  • Question about (the goal of the prospect) — you can find this out through researching and preparation before writing the email.
  • (Name of your prospect) I have a question for you about (the topic goes here).
  • Have you thought about (the strategy or the idea goes here).

Keep Things Short And Simple

When writing sales email the most effective are short and to the point, no one likes to have their time wasted. For example:

Subject: Your Thoughts On (the goal, strategy, product etc.)

(Their name) You have been using (product) for some time now; we would be pleased to hear your thoughts on it and whether you would recommend it?

Do you have anyone you can recommend that would benefit as you have?

End With Specifics

If you are sending out a sales email with the hope of clinching that all-important meeting, don’t be vague. People like clear directions. In short, people don’t like to be confused. For example:

Subject Line: (their name) Ready For The Evaluation?

The evaluation for (the software or product) is on (the exact date and time), are you available? If not get back to me and let me know what time suits you.

Keep Things Personal

People like to see their name on the computer screen, so keep your sales emails personal. For example:

Subject Line: Hi (their name)

How have you been enjoying (product) (their name)? Blah blah blah.

Thanks for your time; let us know if we can do anything else for you. In the meantime why not check this out (their name); we thought it might be of interest to you (your link).

Words To Avoid

Don’t make your sales email look as though as though it is a mass marketing mail. Make it appear tailored. For example avoid words in the subject line such as:

  • Sale
  • Complimentary
  • Free
  • Donation
  • Exciting
  • Discount.

Don’t Use Generic Opening Lines

Just as important as the subject line is the opening line of the email. Therefore avoid generic statements. Don’t use the following:

  • You don’t know me but….
  • I checked out your website and…
  • Go to (your site) for an exciting discount.

Give Thought To Your Signature

Your signature goes towards your credibility, so give it some thought. Don’t let your signature be a distraction. For example:

  • Keep it short, no one likes scrolling.
  • Keep it simple, neutral colours and plain text.
  • Include contact info.

Importance Of Numbers

Numbers may play an important role and may increase the chances of it getting read. Examples include:

  • If you use numbers in the subject line always use numerical, so 33 instead of thirty-three.
  • Whenever possible include data and statistics.
  • Three is said to be a magic number, so if you are giving choices make it three, break your email into three paragraphs, etc.
  • When describing your product or service use three adjectives.

Add In A Little Humour

There is nothing like humour to lighten the mood and make the target smile. For example:

Hi (their name)

Haven’t heard from you for some time, could it be?

  • You are on a tropical island sipping cocktails by the ocean?
  • You have just been really busy and haven’t had time to catch up?
  • You’re stuck in the bathtub and can’t get out, need me to call 911?

Please get in touch, I’m worried about you…

Research, Research, Research

Research is very important in your sales email. For Example:

  • Find out what the prospect cares about.
  • Dig up some key points relevant to the prospect to include.
  • Research using Google, the website of the target and social media.

[This post by Jon Westenberg first appeared on Medium and has been reproduced with permission.]

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