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Popular consumer review website Mouthshut.com recently launched their free Android app. Currently, it has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on the Google play store with 41 people rating it 5 stars.



I gave the app a trial run and loved the User Interface, product categories and the ease with which one can review or read reviews of just about anything.

Users can choose to create their unique MouthShut.com user Ids or login through Facebook or Google+ to access all features of the app.


The app is divided into six most-used categories: Automobiles, Movies, Health & Beauty, Mobile, Online Shopping and Online Travel & Restaurants. Reviews are sorted in four divisions: popular, most-reviewed products, rating and recommendations.

Powered By Inc42 BrandLabs

Powered By Inc42 BrandLabs

Almost all the major cities are covered when it comes to proximity based recommendations.


This feature lets the user see the most recent reviews by other users in almost real time.

Recent Visits

The app keeps a tab on all the reviews you have gone through recently ,thereby creating a database of your most frequented products and reviews for easy navigation in the future.

Search Bar

The search Bar on the top returns relevant results even for a one word description of a product.

The app also has a Social Network like experience with additional features which include uploading photos, adding a trusted circle, notifications and messages.

Next to every product that has been reviewed there is a 5 star rating ,which includes the number of reviewers and also a percentage rating of how the users like the product is indicated by a red heart.


There are also plans to release the app for iOS and Windows users soon.

So give the app a try and do let us know what you think.

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