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5 Things You Should Say To Motivate Your Employees

5 Things You Should Say To Motivate Your Employees

Have you ever looked at cheerful employees who come to office everyday, wearing their angel wings and carrying that fresh and energetic aura? Have you ever wondered how on earth they carry this incredible amount of positivity? Do you ever ponder over the thought that they are everybody’s favourite?

Well, that humble-hard working-upbeat fellow is me! Call it my self-absorption but my immodesty and boastfulness is a result of the admiration and catalytic motivation I receive for my work. If I start finger-counting the reasons for my daily dose of zealot, I know I can give you a count of twenty something but if you ask me which one is my favorite, I’ll proudly say-

“It’s because of the recognition and praise I receive from my boss.” 

Now, I know it’s a painful and daunting task to be an afficionado of gratitude, especially when you are handling a large team. But aren’t you a fan of “Little things make big days”?

Okay. Sit down, Batman! Not so fast.

You don’t have to walk all the way to give that pat on the back every time somebody does something incredible. One supernatural trick – use that chatbot. Or catch-up in the cafeteria. Drop a message or email. Just a quick acknowledgment and a heartfelt ‘thank-you’ can sail even a sinking ship.

Give it a shot with these five sentences and be ready to experience the workmanship you thought did not exist-

“Looking Forward To Hearing Your Thoughts”

The best way to pull fresh ideas and suggestions from your employees is to ask for it. Doing this, you do not only get to see the hidden creativity of your team, but you also provide them with an opportunity to create something new. Add this to your conversation- “Please bring some solutions as well, while you present some restrictions,” and help them develop leadership skills.

It is always good to have someone who can listen to your crazy ideas without judging you. So be that person for your employee. A simple “what do you think?” will make your employee feel valuable. Give them an environment where they feel free to express themselves.

“Thank You For Sharing That. I Liked The Way You Were Explaining.”

This goes in sync with the above point. Now, even when you don’t like the problem/solution, do not outrightly reject it. Appreciate the effort of coming forward and taking responsibility of sharing it. People (in general, not just employees) love to be recognised for the efforts they put in. A humble ‘thank you’ will do. The key is to pay attention.

Apart from that, for any feedback that you receive- be it an appreciation from client or a feedback about changing the corporate policies, share a thoughtful thankfulness for everything that you are grateful for. This will ensure the employee that it is received well (and that he/she can still expect an appraisal)

“I Think You Should Definitely Flesh It Out Further.”

Charismatic leaders do not just give an “attaboy!’ for every good work. They will always let their employees know that they can perform better. They keep on giving feedback for every commendable work and pushing them to pursue better.

Their role as a boss is not just about extracting work round-the-clock. But they make sure that their employees are contributing towards their personal goals. Just as they have a clear roadmap to company’s future goals, they want their employees to keep an eye on their goals and learnings.

They foster a culture where people can experiment, where people are not afraid to take risks.

“Please Keep Up The Great Work!”

Call it as an overused phrase, but this works wonders when you want to appreciate your employee. Even better than a big fat salary appraisal. Be a role model for your employees, appreciate them more than they deserve. And you will notice that your employees will follow suit.

Gratitude is infectious.

Remember that long overdue appreciation? Go now and tell that person that you really appreciate the quality of the output work and that it is beyond expectations. You might just make that person’s lucky day.

“Come Over! Have Important And Fun Work For You”

And this one is my personal favourites. Although, ‘bread pakora is here, come over!’ is my dearest running moment of the day but ‘fun work’ is my dancing moment of the day. It makes me run faster than the speed of light to my boss’ desk.

Never undervalue your employees’ capability. If you see your employee doing some drab work, call them over and give them a chance to work on something exciting. Showing that little hint of faith can boost the morale of your employee by ten major folds.

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