Decoding Market Landscape & Trends Report, 2023

India’s edtech sector is expected to experience remarkable growth, with the total addressable market projected to reach $29 Bn by 2030. The compound annual growth rate is expected to be 25.87% from 2022 to 2030. The sector has already received $11 Bn In investments since 2014, generating seven unicorns and seven soonicorns.

Despite the edtech funding winter since 2022, which has seen a decline of 49% and 42% YoY in funding amount and deal count, respectively, the edtech sector’s future in India looks optimistic. Startups are driving innovation and growth, and the sector’s hybrid players are quickly gaining ground, threatening to disrupt traditional learning models and transform the edtech landscape.

This report provides an overview of the current state of the edtech sector in India, with a specific focus on the startups that are driving growth and innovation. The report emphasises the emergence of hybrid players in the edtech space and their potential to revolutionise the sector by introducing novel learning models that can cater to a wider audience. Overall, the report highlights the significant opportunities that edtech presents in India and the promising future that lies ahead for this rapidly growing industry.

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Key Highlights

$29 Bn

Estimated Edtech Market Opportunity By 2030

100 Mn+

Estimated Number Of Paid Edtech Users By 2030


M&A In Edtech Sector Till 2022

27 Mn

Average Ticket Size In 2022

Table Of Contents

  • India's Digital Economy: An Overview
  • Edtech In India: Key Highlights
  • Edtech In India Vs China Vs The US
  • India's Edtech Opportunity
  • Market Size
  • Fast-Growing Sub-Sectors
  • Edtech Paid Users Market Size
  • India's Edtech Landscape
  • Edtech Funding India
  • Annual Funding Trends
  • Average Ticket Size
  • Mega Deals Outlook
  • Stagewise Funding Trends
  • Most Funded Sub-Sectors
  • Geographical Overview
  • Most Active Edtech Investors
  • Edtech M&A Trends
  • Financial Analysis Of Indian Edtech Startups
  • Indian Edtech Users: Customer Sentiment Survey
  • Hybrid Learning: The Next Frontier
  • Edtech Giansts & Their Hybrid Play
  • Swot Analysis: Edtech In India
  • Key Emerging Trends In Edtech Space


The edtech sector in India has been hit by a funding winter, with funding amount and deal count down by 49% and 42%, respectively. This has resulted in the highest number of layoffs in the edtech sector within the startup ecosystem. Additionally, expenses for unicorn and soonicorn companies have almost doubled during FY21 and FY22. However, despite these challenges, there is some positive news for the industry. Hybrid learning is gaining momentum within the edtech sector in India, with major players venturing into this space due to people's fatigue with pure online learning.Overall, the edtech sector in India is facing challenges but is also showing resilience and adapting to the changing needs of learners.

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