The Rise Of India’s Semiconductor Startups Report 2024

The Rise Of India’s Semiconductor Startups Report 2024

The semiconductor sector is anticipated to become a $150 Bn market by 2030, expanding at a CAGR of 24% from 2023 to 2030. With over 100 startups driving innovation, this report explores the pivotal roles played by key industry players and government initiatives. 

It provides a detailed analysis of major ongoing projects and highlights the significant opportunities for startups contributing to the sector’s growth. Additionally, the report examines the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on the semiconductor industry, offering a comprehensive overview of its current landscape and future potential.

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The Rise Of India’s Semiconductor Startups Report 2024

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Key Highlights

$150 Bn+

Total Market Opportunity For Semiconductors In India By 2030

$21 Bn+

AI Semiconductor Market Opportunity In India By 2030


Semiconductor Startups In India


YoY Growth In Indian Semiconductor Startups Since 2014


Of Global Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Design Workforce Is From India


Indian Semiconductor Startups Operate Out Of Bengaluru

Table Of Contents

  • The Semiconductor Market Opportunity
  • India’s Semiconductor Startup Landscape
  • Growth Of Semiconductor Industry In India: A Timeline
  • Semiconductor Startup Opportunity & Challenges In India
  • A Deep Dive Into Semiconductor Value Chain
  • Decoding Semiconductor Applications & Use Cases
  • The List Of Notable Semiconductor Startups In India
  • The List Of Semiconductor Plants In India
  • The Semiconductor Design Opportunity For Startups
  • Semiconductor Services Opportunity For Indian Startups
  • The Dawn Of AI Semiconductor & The Opportunity For India
  • The Key Growth Drivers For India’s Semiconductor Revolution
  • Government's Role In Fostering India's Semiconductor Boom
  • The Key Challenges
  • Trends To Look Out For


India holds significant potential in the global semiconductor industry, projected to exceed $150 Bn by 2030. As countries seek alternatives to China, India's prominence in the semiconductor sector is expected to rise further. The market opportunity for AI semiconductors in India is also substantial, expected to surpass $21 Bn by 2030. Additionally, startups are making significant contributions, particularly in semiconductor design and services, with over 100 startups in the sector. The government is playing a crucial role by providing infrastructure and substantial subsidies, covering around 50% of the sector's needs. Several major projects are emerging in India, further boosting growth.

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