India’s eHealth Market Opportunity Report, 2021

India’s eHealth Market Opportunity Report, 2021

With the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020, several sectors were disrupted and urged to shift towards digitisation to stay operational and competitive in the new environment. Among them, healthcare was one of the most impacted sectors. However, new-age technologies have dramatically transformed the sector and eHealth is growing at a fast clip. India’s healthcare industry had made significant progress in the last few years. But the pandemic has accelerated its growth as never before.

As Covid-induced lockdowns across the country mandated staying at home, people started shifting to online platforms for doctor consultations, diagnostics, and fitness and wellness solutions. Moreover, the government released its telemedicine guidelines in the early phase of lockdowns, thus triggering the growth of telemedicine startups in India. This also attracted the interest of the VC community and the eHealth sector in India took a quantum leap in terms of reach and excellence.

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India’s eHealth Market Opportunity Report, 2021

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Key Highlights


Number Of Healthtech Startups Launched In India


Funded eHealth Startups In India

$21.3 Bn

Estimated Market Size Of Healthtech In India By 2025

$10.6 Bn

Estimated Market Size Of eHealth In India By 2025


CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) Of eHealth Market During 2020-2025

$1.5 Bn

Funding Secured By eHealth Startups Between 2014 And 2020

Table Of Contents

  • Scope Of The Report
  • Executive Summary
  • Healthcare Market In India: An Overview
  • Healthcare Market Size
  • Healthtech Market Size
  • India’s eHealth Startup Landscape
  • eHealth Market Landscape/eHealth Market Size
  • eHealth Value Proposition
  • India’s eHealth Opportunity
  • Funding Trends
  • M&A Trends
  • Top Investors
  • Business Models
  • Financial Performance Analysis
  • Comparison Of Major Players
  • Industry Analysis Of India’s eHealth Sector
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Growth Drivers For eHealth Market In India
  • Issues And Challenges In India’s eHealth Market
  • Government Initiatives To Promote The Sector
  • Emerging Trends In India’s eHealth Market
  • Analyst Recommendations
  • Methodology
  • Glossary


In India, the traditional healthcare journey across pharmacies, doctors (for consultation) and diagnostics centres is fraught with multiple challenges and consumers suffer due to inefficient processes, higher costs and poor quality of services. However, with eHealth coming into the picture, many of the problems associated with the traditional healthcare space have been taken care of through convenient, efficient and low-cost services, supported by modern-day technology.

The much-required push due to the Covid-19 outbreak helped the eHealth sector reach a tipping point. It is now expected to grow exponentially and reach a market size of $10.6 Bn by 2025. The market is expected to be driven by a rise in consumer awareness regarding health, a significant expansion of the digital infrastructure, the growing interest of investors and the government’s support.

New trends and opportunities have also driven the eHealth industry in India. These include the emergence of paratelemedicine solutions, the use of AI-integrated software, wider insurance coverage for remote health services, access to one-stop healthcare solutions and more. The eHealth market is expected to flourish in the next couple of years due to the rise in consumers’ tech awareness, diversified eHealth models, advancements in technology, a growing number of eHealth startups and support from the government.

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