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AWS Summit Online 2020: Empowering Tech Startups To Scale Sustainably


AWS Summit Online 2020 is scheduled to be held on May 13, 9 AM (IST) onwards

The summit will include sessions on topics such as containers, app modernisation, migration, security and more

Many subject matter experts from the AWS team will be speaking at AWS Summit Online to help the attendees navigate cloud

With the aim of supporting businesses and startups through these tough times with the power of cloud computing technology, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is hosting AWS Summit Online 2020 on May 13. Specifically curated to help startups increase efficiency and productivity, the summit is designed for executives and IT professionals to help them leverage cloud technology to its best.

To help businesses navigate current times through the power of cloud, AWS Online Summit 2020 has topics including:

  • AI And Machine Learning
  • Data And Analytics
  • Containers
  • Modern Application Development
  • Building Applications At Scale
  • Security

The summit aims at educating and helping executives and IT professionals about AWS services to design, deploy, operate infrastructure and more. Amazon has roped in some of leading names from the AWS team to bring an array of insightful sessions featuring customer stories, enhance skills with hands-on learning and more.

Confirmed speakers of the summit include:

  • Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon.com
  • Andy Jassy, CEO, AWS
  • Gabe Hollombe, senior developer advocate, AWS
  • Donnie Prakoso, developer advocate, AWS
  • Timothee Cruse, principal IoT architect, AWS

“The most important thing for any business is to focus on the customer. A consumer does not care about what tech stacks or infrastructure you are using, they only care about the experience,” said Hollombe.

The sessions at the summit focus on helping the startups implement and provide customers with the solutions that are specific to their business —including customising the cost of moving to the cloud, the benefits of it and the ways to improve numbers.

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AWS Brings Subject Matter Experts

“Whether a startup or a business is successful is when it has embraced failure and taken that structure to build out the most robust, the most reliable architectures. And in order to achieve that they start moving away from traditional and legacy-based infrastructure and to serverless computing in order to manage their applications,” said Cruse, principal IoT architect, AWS.

Having been customers of AWS before joining the team, both Hollombe and Cruse are well versed with not only the business-side importance of cloud but also the consumer-side of it. Understanding the need and importance of both sides, the speakers spoke to Inc42 about the summit, the sessions and the importance and capabilities of cloud technology.

Sessions Around Amazon S3

Launched in 2006, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) provides object storage through a web service interface, enabling developers to focus on innovation rather than worry about their storage needs.

“It lets you just throw data in and removes the stress of how much data you’re putting in. You just have to say, ‘Hey S3 store this data, store that data’ and ask it to hold some information for you to research later and more. It is one of our most popular products that holds trillions of data regularly and processes millions of requests per second,” said Hollombe, giving a little peek into what one can expect from the session.

Bringing AWS Step Functions To The Fore

In this session, AWS plans to explore some challenges that businesses face while trying to coordinate work among distributed services—often when they take the microservices architecture approach to solving problems.

“In this session, I elaborate on a service we have called AWS step functions, which is a fully managed service that helps orchestrate work in a highly scalable and serverless fashion. Recently, we also announced a feature for step functions called Express Workflows. This is a mode of working designed to handle over 100K executions per second for customers that have high workloads,” explained the senior developer advocate.

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“Startups and businesses are today not only managing to sort of secure their architectures in the most efficient way, operating those applications with the least amount of people, but they’re also sort of scaling out those down those applications, depending on their usage. All in all, this creates sort of a well-architected platform,” Cruse added.

As a part of the AWS Summit Online 2020, Cruse will be taking four sessions and the first two will be specific sessions around industrial IoT and to help customers that are picking up traction in that sector.

Focussing On Industrial IoT

“For this, there’ll be a session around how to architect your data ingestion for industrial based workloads. And leveraging specific industrial IoT tools and services that we have with AWS dedicated to industrial-based IoT with the ingestion of data as well as the monitoring of that data,” elaborated Cruse.

Containers And Amazon Streaming Services

“I’m also presenting two other sessions which are going to be on containers, which is tied to the serverless based momentum we’re seeing in the industry. I will also be focussing on all the different sort of services that customers have access to on AWS to build out their architectures using containers, Kubernetes, elastic container service as well as AWS Fargate,” explained Cruse.

He further elaborated that his last session would be on AWS streaming services, to bring forth some instances where customers have been successful in leveraging cloud and data in streaming-based workloads.

While talking about the summit and his expectations from the same, Cruse pointed out that the abundance of data available to customers today means that the missing out on the right information is not difficult. But this intelligence is needed in order to develop any product or service. Thus, the summit acts as a great tool to educate business leaders, engineers and developers about the options available and how to make the best use of them. Being completely free of charge, customers can register and sign up for different sessions with ease

“I believe the AWS summit is an extremely great, powerful tool for customers to get their engineers scaled up on the different AWS services based on the different sort of workloads and different industries or fields that they’re working on.”

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AWS Summit Online 2020: Empowering Tech Startups To Scale Sustainably-Inc42 Media
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AWS Summit Online 2020: Empowering Tech Startups To Scale Sustainably-Inc42 Media
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AWS Summit Online 2020: Empowering Tech Startups To Scale Sustainably-Inc42 Media
AWS Summit Online 2020: Empowering Tech Startups To Scale Sustainably-Inc42 Media
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