The Ecosystem Builders: An Exhaustive List Of Accelerators And Incubators In Indonesia

The Ecosystem Builders: An Exhaustive List Of Accelerators And Incubators In Indonesia


Top 20 Incubators And Accelerators In Indonesia

We have established in our last three articles that it’s a great time to be a startup in Indonesia. The archipelago startup goldmine has all the push factors needed to develop a booming entrepreneurial ecosystem, including investors, penetration of technology, economic conditions, and more than $336 Mn pumped in startups in 2016.

Next in our series exploring the Indonesian startup ecosystem, we are covering the ecosystem builders, i.e, incubators and accelerators. They are the organisations meant to support startups by providing engagement with mentors and industry leaders, physical space and in some cases, even funding. Therefore, they occupy a central space in today’s evolving digital economy.

Startup incubators are essentially organisations that promote the speedy growth and success of startups, MSMEs, and early-stage companies. They provide a foray of services including capital, connections with angel investors, State Governments, economic coalitions, and others.

Accelerators accelerate the speed of your business – in most cases an existing business or an idea. The programmes are short and intense lasting anywhere from three months to a year. They help you hone your idea and build it out.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the most important incubators and accelerators in the Southeast Asia’s fastest emerging market’s business space:

Incubators in Indonesia


Techbator is a technology incubator that supports several technology startup initiatives.

Location: Jakarta

Launched In: 2011

Sectors: Technology-based startups

Notable Startups Incubated: BUQU, SURA


Batavia Incubator

The incubator was founded as a joint venture between Rebright Partners, a Japanese incubator and Corfina Group, an Indonesian financial group.

Location: Jakarta

Launched In: 2011

Sectors: Internet and mobile services

Investment Structure: Seed funding, bridge, and Series A funding.

Notable Startups Incubated:


Indigo Incubator

Founded by Paul Sangeet Choudhary, Ramu Manusama, and Arif Widhiyasa, the incubator runs a programme called Indigo Nation under Startup Digital Indonesia, under which it offers the incubated startups mentoring, market access, API support, access to global accelerators and incubators, and coworking spaces in Indonesia, across 15 cities.

Location: Bandung

Launched In: 2012

Sectors: Sector-agnostic

Investment Structure: Seed Investment upto $150K.

Startups Incubated Till Date: 50+

Notable Startups Incubated: Kakatu, Jarvis Store, X-iGent etc.


GEPI (Global Entrepreneurship Program Indonesia)

Global Entrepreneurship Program Indonesia (GEPI) is a private non-profit organisation that aims to support early-stage entrepreneurship in Indonesia through its incubation and angel investment.

Location: Jakarta

Launched In: 2011

Sectors: Tech startups

Investment Structure: Undisclosed funding support


Kolaborasi (PT. Kolaborasi Kapital Indonesia)

It offers a digital incubation programme that aims to provide remote entrepreneurship assistance with varying modules the startups can choose from, as per their evolving needs.

Location: Bandung

Launched In: 2013

Sectors: Digital, social, and creative ventures

Investment Structure: Undisclosed funding support

Number of Batches Graduated: 3

Startups Incubated Till Date: 11

Duration of Each Batch: 12-14 months

Notable Startups Incubated:, Azzam, Wordshelf etc.


Skystar Ventures

Skystar Ventures is a tech incubator and coworking space founded by Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (UMN) and Kompas Gramedia Group (KGG). Skystar Ventures helps founders tap into KGG’s diverse network of distribution channels to strategically market their product or service and quickly build a customer base.


Launched In: 2105

Sectors: Early-stage startups in the Internet, mobile, social, education, and ecommerce sectors.

Investment Structure: Undisclosed/varying amounts of investment in tech-based startups via their investment arm, Skystar Capital.

Number of Batches Graduated: 3

Duration of Each Batch: 12 months

Notable Startups Incubated: CaterInc, JobMine


Inkubator Bisnis Primakara

Business Incubator Primakara receives operational support from the agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT). In addition, the incubator has also been cooperating with various communities, such as Gamedev and Vali for fund support.

Location: Denpasar

Sectors: IT

Investment Structure: It does not provide funding.


Binus Startup Accelerator

BINUS Startup Accelerator is a series of pitching-mentorship programmes for BINUSIAN active students in pursuing entrepreneurial spirit and experiences to potentially scale their business in the market. Through an open application process, students who apply to the BINUS Startup Accelerator will get several advantages such as free training and enhancement programmes for every role, access to office facilities, series of company building activities, and go-to-market support. At the end of the programme, a Demo Day will be held for the startups to meet and pitch in front of the investors.

Location: Jakarta

Launched In: 2014

Sectors: Tech-based startups

Investment Structure: Seed investment of $1,600. As per their official website, the investment can go upto $6,400. The university has yet to finalise the amount of shares it plans to keep from each participating startup.

Duration of Each Batch: 12 weeks

Notable Startups Incubated: Starnesia, Ennouns, Info Diskon


KLN Play (Kapanlagi Network)

KLN Play gives strategic support such as awareness, traffic, technological support, and connections with stakeholders to its incubatee startups. KLN Play aims to not only become loyal supporters of the startup, but also hopes to become an investor in them.

Location: Jakarta

Launched In: 2015

Sectors: Ecommerce, advertising, and media startups.

Investment Structure: Undisclosed Seed support


Merah Putih Incubator

Merah Putih Inc. is a startup creator, an incubator, and an early-stage investor that mainly focusses on digital ventures and provides funding and support to incubatee startups.

Location: Jakarta

Launched In: 2010

Sectors: Fintech, Saas-based or community-based startups

Investment Structure: Undisclosed Seed and/or early-stage investments. It also provides Series B investments through a different investment arm.

Startups Incubated Till Date: Five

Notable Startups Incubated: Ansvia, DailySocial, Infokost, Kincir, and Kurio


Grupara Incubator

Initially a VC firm, Grupara introduced its incubation facility in 2012. Other than Seed investment, the incubator also provides startups with office space which is based in Fatmawati, Jakarta Selatan, business supports, mentorships as well as a follow-up funding round.

Location: Jakarta

Launched In: 2012

Sectors: Internet, technology, and fashiontech startups

Investment Structure: The incubator provides Seed stage investment ranging from $10,000 to $50,000, but may differ in some special occasions.

Startups Incubated Till Date: Six

Notable Startups Incubated: Seekmi, Freeware Spaces, Pazpo



It is an incubator and venture capital firm in Indonesia. Ideosource provides equity finance to support a solid capital base for future growth to potential companies, and acting as business partner.

Location: Jakarta

Launched In: 2012

Sectors: Online content, media, advertising, ecommerce, payment and supporting infrastructures in web and mobile technologies.

Investment Structure: Undisclosed Seed and early-stage investment that can vary with startups.

Startups Incubated Till Date: 13

Notable Startups Incubated: EFishery, Gimmie, ACommerce,

Accelerators in Indonesia

Startup accelerators have now become fixtures of the tech community. They boost a venture with resources such as mentorship, capital support, and in some cases, coworking spaces as well. Indonesia’s growing entrepreneurial community has been fostered by accelerators and many startups have emerged as fast growing players from these institutions.

screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-3-51-06-pmStart Surabaya

Start Surabaya is an initiative from Kibar, Spazio, Suara Surabaya FM, Enciety, and supported by the City Government of Surabaya. It aims to build a creative industry ecosystem which is supported by the six stakeholders: government, media, academicians, community, industry, and technology.

Location: Surabaya

Launched In: 2015

Sectors: Sector-agnostic

Investment Structure: Undisclosed Seed and early-stage investment

Number of Batches Graduated: Three

Startups Accelerated Till Date: 10

Duration of Each Batch: 12 weeks

Notable Startups: Banku, PocketMoney, Kingdorm


Jakarta Founder Institute

The Founder Institute is a startup launch programme for entrepreneurs. Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 60 countries, the Founder Institute’s mission is to “Globalise Silicon Valley” and build sustainable startup ecosystems worldwide.

Location: Jakarta

Launched In:

Sectors: Sector-agnostic

Investment Structure: It does not offer investment support.

Startups Accelerated Till Date: 2,500 globally.

Duration of Each Batch: Four months

Notable Startups: Kejora, BuatKontrakt



Ideabox is an award-winning, early-stage tech accelerator based in Jakarta. The programme works closely with Indosat and Ooredoo Group opening market access to Southeast Asia, Middle East & Africa. The team consists of entrepreneurs & experts, who claim to work closely with the founders to drive growth, assisting in product & go-to-market strategy, team building and others as needed. It also offers a coworking space -Kejora.

Location: Jakarta

Launched In: 2013

Sectors: Telecommunication, mobile & Internet

Investment Structure: Seed funding upto $100K

Number of Batches Graduated: Three

Startups Accelerated Till Date: 14

Duration of Each Batch: Four months

Notable Startups: Shoop, Wobe, Gogonesia, SociaBuzz


Alpha Startups Bootcamp (1337 accelerator)

It is an accelerator based in Indonesia that offers pre-Seed funding, AWS business support and coworking spaces across the country.

Location: Jakarta (HQ Malaysia)

Launched In: 2016

Sectors: Tech-focussed early-stage startups

Investment Structure: A micro-investment of US$5,000 in cash along with other benefits, such as free access to Amazon Web Services.

Startups Accelerated Till Date: 23

Duration of Each Batch: Three months


GnB Accelerator

It is a joint venture between US-based venture capital firm Fenox and the Japanese IT company Infocom. As per its website, GnB will groom early-stage startups through mentorship and access to facilities and funding opportunities.

Location: Jakarta

Launched In: 2016

Sectors: Mobile, consumer Internet, or health IT.

Investment Structure: $50K in funding to early-stage startups.

Number of Batches Graduated: Two

Duration of Each Batch: Three months with a batch of six startups.

Notable Startups: Hijup, Pomelo, Jurnal, Booklapak

Google Launchpad Accelerator (Link not working)

Location: São Paulo,US and Alagoas

Launched In: 2015

Sectors: Tech-focussed startups

Investment Structure: Up to $50K in equity-free funding.

Number of Batches Graduated: Two

Startups Accelerated Till Date: 12

Duration of Each Batch: Two weeks of training in California, followed by a remote mentorship for six months.

Notable Startups: HijUp, Talenta, Jarvis Store, Ruangguru

Project Eden (startuplokal) (Website not working)

Project Eden aims to provide pre-Seed investment and enable entrepreneurs to launch ideas. According to its website, the people behind Project Eden are all experienced technologists and investment entrepreneurs with a passion to support the Indonesian local startup ecosystem.

Location: Jakarta

Launched In: 2011

Investment Structure: Pre-Seed investment

Notable Startups: Happify, Orbitin



FasterCapital is an accelerator based in Dubai and has partnered with local startup ecosystems in Indonesia including Eri Taruna and Itho Suryoputro.

Location: Dubai

Launched In: 2010 in Indonesia

Sectors: Sector-agnostic

Investment Structure: Varying rounds of funding throughout the year.

Number of Batches Graduated: It does not follow a batch system.

Startups Accelerated Till Date: 20, globally

Notable Startups: Indocrypt,, dLook

If you are a budding entrepreneur looking to explore business opportunities in Indonesia, then these support systems will be your go to places to start your venture.

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Note: We at Inc42 take our ethics very seriously. More information about it can be found here.

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The Ecosystem Builders: An Exhaustive List Of Accelerators And Incubators In Indonesia-Inc42 Media
The Ecosystem Builders: An Exhaustive List Of Accelerators And Incubators In Indonesia-Inc42 Media
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