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7 Types Of Bosses In A Startup

7 Types Of Bosses In A Startup

With the strong emergence of startups, a new cool work culture has evolved, which is driven majorly by results. Often, startup founders become a driving factor behind employees’ love or hate for their jobs.

Here’s a list of the type of bosses you might come across if you’re working in a startup.

The Perfectionist

The kind who wants everything done in a perfect manner. The perfectionists like to take control of everything, including their subordinate’s work. They are obsessive, madly dedicated to their goal and might make you feel that you’re not good enough.

You might feel the urge to ask them to ‘chill’ and let you be your own boss. But that might not be the best possible solution.

The Newly Funded

Well, they are often overexcited about the new opportunities that are ahead. You know, new furniture, new laptops, weekend team meetups, etc. Definitely this is over and above the technical and marketing expansion plans. Don’t spoil their vibe, and their newly inflated ego by bringing up losses or a no revenue product model.

The Silent One

The one who just sits there like ‘Oogway’ and passes on mind numbing wisdom from time to time. You might think that the person has nothing to say and she/he might not know a lot of stuff. Beware! The silent founder knows everything. That’s where all the wisdom comes from; by absorbing all that’s going on around the office and silently killing it at work.

The Screamer

You are working for a screamer if he makes you feel like your high school sports coach. Higher the volume, higher the importance and urgency of the task. He just wants you to know that they are strict, will call your BS on your face and that they are intimidating. Try asking them to lower their voice at your own risk.

The Traveller

There are founders who need to attend conferences, summits and meeting, and therefore need to take mini-vacations, like, every week. You hardly find them at their workstation. The only interaction is via their Facebook check-ins, the only way you know that they are on the move again.

The Abuser

This is a new league of bosses who have emerged as the clan that uses excessive expletives. They swear by everyone, mom, dad and specifically sisters. You ask why? Well, because you know, we are living in a free world and because  of ‘Freedom of Speech’. They are definitely not bad people as they do not sugarcoat the harsh truth and say it as it is. If you can’t be like them then the only way to deal with them is, run away and may be invest in a technology that makes invisible headphones.

The Night Watcher

These bosses are active to their best possible capacity at night. Where is the fun in working only during normal hours? Bedtime is the best time to think about all the problems and come up with a solution. So why not use it to amp up your work? Don’t be surprised if you get a call or a text at odd hours scheduling next day’s work.

This is not an exhaustive list and I am sure there are many more kinds that startup employees may have come across. Please share your experiences and share it with your Boss to silently pass them the message and have a good laugh.