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How To Preserve Your Mental Health As An Entrepreneur

How To Preserve Your Mental Health As An Entrepreneur

According to a 2012 study in the British Medical Journal, people with even mild mental health problems may have a lower life expectancy. Those with the highest levels of depression or anxiety had a risk of death that increased a whopping 94 percent, most often related to heart disease. These five simple tips will reduce your mental stress drastically to a larger extent.

It is well-said, “Having a Healthy Mind is Just as Important as a Healthy Body.” That is so true.

Caring for the mind is as important and crucial as caring for the body. Actually, one can’t be level-headed without the other. The quote and its explanation looks so simple yet so hard to implement it, especially when you are an entrepreneur dealing with tonnes of functions in your brain. Of course, we are talking about all the hustling business leaders striving hard to rank their brands on top in this cut-throat baffling competitive market.

Justifying its physical position, the brain, settling at the top, carries all the load irrelevant of how it is caused and who drives it. Therefore, it becomes necessary to preserve the mental health considering its ‘Behind the Stage’ role in our mundane life.

What’s the difference between a normal mind and a stressed mind? You would probably know if you are an entrepreneur trying to keep your cool nature wherever you go and behave consciously whenever you are distressed. Here are few tricks and tips to uphold your mental health as an entrepreneur.

The Morning Silence

It seems weird but it is one of the most effective advice psychologists give to make the whole day peaceful and soothing. When you wake up, you have enormous energy within yourself that is meant to be stored to cope for the rest of the busy day but people tend to mess that energy by calling, speaking, singing, blabbering and every clumsy thing.

The morning silence yields the invisible push which will be noticed in the later part of your routine.  Not only does it generate peace of mind but also it prepares you for the upcoming hurdles and flim-flammery. The ‘Sshhh’ and ‘Be Quiet’ phase of your early first half will kick in the proper synergy with your unexpected problems.

Take Short Breaks

As an entrepreneur, you will tackle a lot of shit everyday and there is no way you can ignore it.

In this scenario, you are bound to work for 24 minus n hours, where n becomes the short and long breaks.

While you can have the limited fixed sleeping time, you can settle for more short breaks in the intermediate subroutine. This sounds interesting. Well, it does, because a continuous break of 20 minutes would matter but when it is divided into four 5 minutes halt, it doesn’t. Great idea.

With its feasibility, it is also psychologically healthy for your brain as it gets an ample time to relax and chill. Additionally, you can utilise the short break with the refreshing things you love – listening, singing, gossiping, and chatting. Isn’t this the best use of the shortest time duration? In fact, this is the second best way to keep your mind running as being an entrepreneur, you need to systematise every single thing.

Energise Yourself

Do you love Coffee or Tea? Are you hungry and want to eat Pizza? Have you been listening songs while working? Are you in the mood to sit alone and shout out loud? Be it any of these activities, do it. The things that energises your body and brain simultaneously are the most preferred packets to serve. Get-up-and-go. Cater to your head and heart.

Your working hours pass by rapidly deciding what to do and what not to. You are sometimes unsure of the consequences but you do it undoubtedly though hesitating, then why not to do something that boosts you. Isn’t it the right thing to do daily? Certainly, it ought to be.

Say ‘NO’ To Infuriation

Now that you are the leader of your team, people might get offended sometimes. They burst out in their anger and blabber. You shouldn’t care. Don’t you dare make an outburst in response! Doing this will ultimately train your mind to ‘Keep Calm and Move on’, ‘Be Cool and Chill’, and other hipster-centric quotes. LOL. Coming back to the point, a professional person never loses his cool and especially, today’s young entrepreneurs should know all about their temperament.

A feeling of intense anger i.e. rage, comes abruptly and we often don’t have control over it but when you do you will realise its vitality. Cultivate your mind to fluctuate less and thus, no matter what the circumstances are, it would suffice.

Smile, Smile, and Smile

Obviously, enthralling entrepreneurs may interact and communicate with the people he/she would not otherwise, but it is pure business and there should not be any emotions involved. Smile – don’t fake it, as it wouldn’t matter; your genuine smile would ease the work atmosphere and you will notice the change because of your gregarious nature.

‘Laughter is the best medicine. Smile is the second best.’ When you are addressing employees, you have to ensure that you are heard and apart from the presentation, it’s your grin that counts.

So why should you prioritise your mental health? Because caring for your mind as well as your body means you’ll not only live longer but better. Just as we have effective treatments for physical illnesses, there are therapies, medications and lifestyle interventions that can ease mental suffering, especially if you get help at the earliest signs of a problem.

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