Statutory Warning : This piece of art is strictly meant to be viewed by Entrepreneurs, Angel Investors , Venture capitalists and members of the Startup Ecosystem. Any attempt made by others would end in a waste of their time.

What happens after an entrepreneur is refused funding? What happens when VCs no longer are interested in the product and the angel investors stop even replying to their mails? What happens when all commitments of investing in a startup are forgotten ? What happens when pitches fail to impress investors and products fail to attract traction? What happens when the entrepreneur has no other way than to shut his shop and head for a 9 to 5 boring job?

The lead actor of this movie by IndiePreneur, inspired by the bollywood movie ‘A Wednesday’, is the same bootstrapped entrepreneur who is tired of running after the Angels and VCs. Being refused funding over and over again, he is now frustrated and would go to any limits only to get his startup funded.

Follow the journey of our ‘Frustrated Bootstrapped Entrepreneur’ who would threaten, abuse or scare Investors, so that he is not turned back empty handed this time.

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