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Introducing #StartupsVsCovid19 To Help Startups Navigate Through The Covid19 Impact

Introducing #StartupsVsCovid19 To Help Startups Navigate Through The Covid19 Impact

The #StartupsVsCovid19 platform will help businesses navigate through the Covid-19 impact through our in-depth coverage & guides 

Inc42 will help startups and founders connect ecosystem influencers and experts and get their challenges addressed through this initiative

#AskMeAnything sessions with industry leaders, crowdsourced resources and more will be available for Inc42 readers for free through a single platform

Covid-19, coronavirus or the pandemic — whatever you call it, it has taken over the world in a matter of months and every human endeavour these days is about overcoming this crisis.

For businesses, the reality has gone far beyond from optimism about the new decade to absolute disarray as revenue streams are impacted or even completely dried out for a few. Businesses are facing the heat and have to take radical steps including cutting operational costs, pay cuts, or laying off employees and even founders and CEOs giving up salaries.

But uncertainty abounds in these times and no one has all the answers.

The only way out of such a crisis is to work together as a community in every way possible given the social distancing norms. Even if we cannot travel to help each other, digital tools and platforms let entrepreneurs, investors, and enablers to work together in this time of need.

We believe it is our responsibility as a media house and an enabler of this ecosystem to support startups through this unprecedented period. Besides bringing our readers the most accurate picture of the reality on the ground, Inc42 is now helping startups and business leaders navigate the market, make the right decisions through the invaluable power of the shared knowledge of the community.

And to achieve this, we are launching the #StartupsVsCovid19 platform to help the Indian startup ecosystem navigate through the impact. Through our in-depth coverage & guides, community support from industry leaders, and crowdsourced resources, with #StartupsVsCovid19 platform we will bring every resource startups need to emerge out of the economic slowdown and the crashing markets.

We will bring in insights from industry experts on how the industry landscapes are changing, the new rules and the framework needed to follow and finally, the in-depth overview of ecosystem stakeholders and companies who are doing their bit to fight the Covid-19 through innovations and jugaad.

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The Three Pillars Of #StartupsVsCovid19

Covid-19 Tech Impact 

Inc42 will help you stay updated about the latest policies, changes and the innovations introduced to fight the pandemic, while, providing you in-depth resources, live webinars and guides to help you navigate through the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on India’s economy through a series of articles under the StartupsVsCovid19 platform.

  • The Framework: Dive into the new world order, which has changed how businesses operate. These stories will deal with how companies are adapting to work-from-home, pivoting their business models, redefining business functions and processes, and more. The Framework will also look at the Covid-19 impact in terms of funding, layoff, liquidity, culture building and more.
  • The Crusaders: Take a tour of the innovations, jugaad and initiatives taken by India’s tech ecosystem and leaders that are really making a big difference on the ground. From how startups are backing the medical fraternity to how technology is supporting efforts to enforce quarantine and inform citizens, The Crusaders will shine the light on the best efforts from startups.
  • The Reset: Even as startups look ahead to life after the pandemic and lockdowns, they have also accepted the changing dynamics of India’s tech industry. The Reset focusses on how industries and sectors are transforming to new opportunities, evolving consumer behaviour, the new rules of venture capital, M&A and more.
Explore #StartupsVsCovid19

Startup Hotline 

Given the unprecedented impact on the market, founders and entrepreneurs don’t have any playbook to fall back on to tackle the ensuing fallout. Undoubtedly, this is the time when founders will have numerous questions about their business and how to streamline their operations. With Startup Hotline we are bringing business leaders to share their best practices to help startups navigate through the impact in the form of live #AskMeAnything sessions, columns by industry experts, and our regular coverage.

Crowdsourced Resources For Startups

The coronavirus pandemic has led to massive disruptions in travel, healthcare, and supply chains that have wreaked havoc on global financial markets. Startups in these sectors have borne the biggest brunt, and startup financing is also taking a hit.

To help startups gain access to important resources valuable at this time, we will be listing the funding opportunities, programme, offers, and other support that startups can avail.

Inc42’s team will help startups overcome all their apprehensions when it comes to investments and fundraising.

We are drawing from the collective experience of some of the most influential entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders with an objective to help the startup ecosystem navigate the reality of the post-Covid-19 business world. It’s time to fight back and we are striving to make our humble contribution count. We request you share our platform with those in your close circles as well as in your community so we can highlight the best efforts!

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Note: We at Inc42 take our ethics very seriously. More information about it can be found here.